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been far to long since I have been here reading through many of the posts from friends was a bittersweet experiance...I still have some issues from my adventure with lc. chronic pain is still here and the copd makes things a bit harder for me but I plug on. My personal life has totally fallen apart...after 15yrs my wife decided that living with a cancer patient and all the baggage that comes with it wasnt worth it and tossed me out...and as a result I have lost everything I had including my pride. The divorce is in the final stages as I write this and I needed to vent a bit. Physically I am not real bad emotionally I am a complete wreck and honestly dont know what to do next. I have been pretty vocal about my journey and in talking with people came to realize that most think when your treatment is done all is well...little do they realize that its just the start of a trip that never really ends. After all this time every now and then I still hear a little whisper in the back of my mind saying "I'm still here" but for the most part I dont dwell on it or at least try not to. At my last appointment my lung function was down so I have to take another PFT and see whats going on...but enough babbling on I am at a loss for words.....my mental train just derailed again. Happy to see some old faces and saddened by those that are missing...damn disease.



dave3..long story..lol

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Dave - What a rough time you are having. I am glad you came here to vent - it's the perfect place for it.

Having to deal with a divorce on top of everything else seems horribly unfair. I think most of us are so focused on getting better during treatment, that the adjustment to the new normal of our lives after LC can be really difficult and lonely. Friends and family think life is back to normal - but of course to you is sure isn't. Struggling with COPD is also very difficult emotionally. You are dealing with a lot right now, and so please remember to be kind to yourself and try to just take it a day at a time.

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that sucks !! I hope you find your inner strength and get back on the med emotionally and physically soon Dave... Let it be water under the bridge and dont look back and be sad.. Look forward and be happy and strong!!

Hugs and prayers for strength Dave!!!

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