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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

First things first,Susan, if you are about,I wish you a full and speedy recovery,we really miss your posts here, so do expedite the digit and get back "On Air".

Just about the end of a very busy week,gymming and swimming supplemented with a buffet lunch on Tuesday at Anniesland College,its held once a year, all retired members of staff are invited, so it was great meeting up with all my former colleagues again,Motherwell Theatre on Wed,Airdrie Theatre on Friday.Tonight,I have been invited by a lovely young lady to her birthday party,she is 23,relative of my young sister Irene,you wont believe it,but everyone is to come in fancy dress,well my daughter and her boyfriend are going as Alice and the Mad Hatter,respectively, of course,I visited the fancy dress shop in Glasgow,initially considering going as the white rabbit,I tried the costume on,blooming heck, it would have been stiffling to wear,so I have opted for a clowns costume,it looks really good,I will post in pics of the party.

This afternoon,I was on a stall for the Airdrie Community Health Forum,giving out information packs to the public about lung cancer,all the other major cancer charities were there,I was the sole rep,but I did have a big plus for our charity,a 20ft pair of inflatable lungs,they are of an open design to allow the public to walk inside the human lungs,great idea.I was late in getting to the venue,having been given the wrong location,Scotlands Minister of Health had just left by the time I arrived,I would have loved to have met him,perhaps do a wee bit of lobbying for lung cancer?,however,I did meet up with Dr John Reilly,who operates the Airdrie Health Community Centre,he was delighted to meet me,he did know of me and my work as an advocate but was unaware that I was also an Airdrie resident,he has plans to use me as a LC advocate in his organisation,I also got to meet his support team,they are so up for promoting health awareness to defeat all type of cancer,by early detection.

Tomorrow,is my younger brother Stewarts 60th birthday,his son emailed me to go over to his house collect the house key hidden in the garage,to allow everyone of relatives and friends to get into the house,meanwhile Stewart jnr has his Mum and Dad out to lunch,so when they arrive home,we will all make our surprise appearance,sounds like another day of fun.

Time to don my clown costume,and head for the party,methinks I will be getting strange looks from the taxi driver,think I will leave my big red nose off and purple wig off until I get there LOL.Have a great weekend everyone.

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Good to see you Eric. I think you'll make a grand clown -- you must post a pictuer!! As always you sound very busy and a great advocate for LC -- thanks by the way!

Raining and gloomy here - but that's okay as it makes for a nice day to just hang out. We are going out to dinner for my birthday tonight (it's actually not until Monday -- but everyone is too pooped on Mondays to celebrate anything other than the fact Monday is over) :) The weather is supposed to clear up a little by tomorrow so we have lots and lots of leaves to rake -- actually Chuck rakes and I hold the bag.

I hope everyone on the east coast is safe and dry. I grew up in Maryland and remember a couple of very nasty hurricanes in the 50s. Be safe.


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