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Monday's Air


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This one is for our friend CurlySue

I can't tell you how amazing it has been meeting Susan (Curlysue) at our Hope Summit in May and watching her bloom into such a supportive and vocal advocate. She called herself a "wall flower" at Hope Summit, but until very recently she was using her stories and her experiences and fears to spread the word about lung cancer and let others know that they weren't alone. I'm so very proud of her and all she has done since May. She isn't done yet- I know!! But she's had a bit of a set back and she needs our love, support and prayers.

This Monday's AIR is for Ms. Susan/CurlySue because she would want desperately for us to keep posting and keep supporting each other and ALL the HUNDREDS of folks who don't post, but read our posts each and every day.

My weekend was uneventful and full of catching up from travelling so often lately. I took a deep breath this weekend and looked at my kids, age 15, and 8...one taller than me, the other getting close to my height, and wondered where the time had gone.. life passes quickly doesn't it?

How was your weekend, my friends? I hope you all are doing well.



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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you Katie,what a super post in support of our lovely Susan,what a character she is,hoping it wont be too long until she returns posting here.

Been gymming and swimming this morning,my gym buddy passed on to me the princely sum of £14 (approx $20)it was my share of our winnings from Fridays Irish Lottery,gosh now, how am I going to spend this?.

What a busy weekend for doing fun things,Halloween Party on Saturday Evening then a surprise party for my younger brother Stewart's 60th Birthday.Stewart was taken out for lunch by his daughter and son as a diversion for us to get into his house to prepare the decorations for his return,I was supposed to be insitu prior to his arrival home from lunch,but the best laid schemes o' mice and men as our Rabbie said,my sister Irene phoned me at home yesterday afternoon,she was so upset, my other sister Linda,had vomited up some blood,and that an ambulance crew were in attendance,I drove over to comfort her,I actually passed Linda's ambulance going to hospital,with blue lights flashing,en route.Long story short,they suspect a burst ulcer,but were unable to view the situation using a endoscope due to bleeding obscuring their camera,she has been given 3 units of blood.For technical reasons they have put her in an induced coma for a period of 24 hours,she is stable,we await further news tonight,Lindas family are at her bedside just now,.Strange thing for me?,is Linda dos'nt have a history of stomach ulcers,had'nt even complained about feeling unwell?,Irene had just spoken to her just about an hour prior,last words were, she was about to have lunch before going to Stewarts party.

Her family insisted that we all have our party,there was nothing more we could do to support them and that Linda would have been upset if the party was called off.Well the party did go ahead,with some reservations of course,but we made the best of the occasion for Stewart.

I am working tomorrow,I have been invited in to Motherwell Theatre to help doing a mail shot,no rest for the wicked?.Dinner time,got to go,enjoy the rest of Monday,hope Hurricane Sandy passes with the minimum damage to the East coast,we are getting constant updates on our news progs.Bye.

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Katie - thanks for starting this for Susan. She is sorely missed and back very soon I hope. She is always so open about her struggles with this disease and I know what a help it is to others. I have problems with that and thanks to her example I am working hard to get better.

It sounds like you have a nice weekend home with your kids. I'm sure they must really miss you when you are gone. Eric - loved the Halloween party pictures!! You made a great clown, and all of the costumes were just so amazing. Looked like a ton of fun. I hope your sister is doing better. Please keep us posted on how she is. When is your brother's birthday? Mine is today, although we celebrated Saturday. I think we Scorpios need to stick together :)

Nice weekend. Cloudy and some rain, but it basically dried up enough to get some of the leaves raked but that will be an on-going job for awhile yet. I can hardly believe I still have a few tomatoes ripening in the garage - have never made them last this long before. I am really looking forward to Halloween this year - our two local grandsons are old enough to dress up and go out for a bit. All of our other grandchildren live out of town and we only got to see them in their customes in pictures. Should be fun -- unless it rains :(

I hope everyone on the east coast is staying safe and dry.

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