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It's good to see so many here- especially during such difficult times as loosing some friends and special members.

It's easy to be discouraged and it's hard to be here during these difficult times...but I always try to remember that SO many people need us, and at this time we need them...and we can hold each other up.

Remember earlier this year with the loss of JudyKW and others...how hard things were and really they were never the same?.....BUT had we stopped posting and coming here adn encouraging the new members, Susan/CurlySue50 wouldn't have received help and encouragement that she needed...She wouldn't have had the courage to go to Hope Summit in washington Dc or share her story or take larger steps in her life....She wrote me a long letter and I just got it yesterday from her daughter. I also spoke to her husband last night..... and I wanted to share this one paragraph for you.

THIS is why we must still post...for all the other members here, for each other.

"I am trying to learn to not let my fears and sadness rule my life. I have had some very positive moments in the last year. LUNGevity has had everything to do with that. This is a safe place to express myself without censoring my feelings to spare others. Because the survivors here DO understand how I feel. Thank you so much for that, Katie."
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Thank you for sharing this Katie. It is hard to come here sometimes. When I joined 4 years ago I didn't know what to expect -- and if I hadn't gotten any responses to my post I simply would never have come back and posted again and think what I would have missed and how alone I would have been in all of this. Susan had such a great way with words and was able to describe so clearly what we have all gone through or are going through. We were so lucky to have her here, and my heart goes out to her family.

All of us who belong to Lungevity have been so fortunate to have shared the thoughts and feelings of so many special people like Susan. It would be tragic if this site were not here for other people looking for help and support. I know there are other sites - but this one is special and offers a safe place to come where you can say or ask anything and know that you will be understood and supported.

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Thanks for bringing your thoughts to this topic, Katie and Dianew. I agree re the loss of so many in such a short time is a problem but I think there is more to it than that. One problem that really concerns me is the amount of spam we get coming through on the boards,, and then how it is handled. From what I can see, the tech side appears to be removing not just the spam but the entire post, thereby wiping out all posts. If you are a new poster and a spammer has posted either before or after you, your post too will be removed. And if someone is trying to reply to a previous post, their answer will also disappear. Is there a way to (1)stop much of the spam before it is posted, or (2) limit the removal to the spam message? I really think this may be another reason that there is so much less conversation on these boards than there was, say, a year ago.

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That is a good question, and I've wondered about it also. I know that in a few instances a new member's post will get the spam, and I can only imagine what they must think when they think they've received a reply to their post only to fine "garbage". I know they don't seem to have the spam on cancer grace. Is there some way the site could be configured to stop so much of it?

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There is a lot of help over at grace. I used to have a tremendous amount of help here with many moderators and volunteers. Unfortunately that has dwindled down to just me and about 2-3 others a few moments a week.

Simply, I need more help or I have to turn on the moderator approved log in, which means that people with valid email addresses won't get directly into LCSC. They have to wait until I go into the system daily and then manually approve them.

It's a catch 22 on both sides. If they can't get in here immediately when they have a question, want to post or message someone- they will go some where else.

on the other hand, having them wait for approval- even if it takes up to 8-12 critical hours- will keep spammers off the site.

Please just know I'm doing my best and eventually when funds allow the message boards will get a total system upgrade.

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I came here to read in part because I saw the post Randy put that was one of Sue's older posts and the new post of a caregiver who needs help. I am not sure how much help I can be but will try to reach out to her. Not too sure how that will be right now becaue I am leaving tomorrow and will be out of touch for a few days with no internet. Katie I wish I could help out but I had a hard enough time just trying to get on with a new name last year. Still after all of the explanations have not figured out how to put up a picture or post others.

It has been one of those days of very mixed feelings. I am anxious to see my family but as always have that one little thread of dread when I leave my home and belongings and so many good friends and neighbors. For so many years I had very few of either.

I am also wondering about Eric's sister. He posted a reply to me on facebook post but I forgot to ask him there. I am praying that all is well there.

I am pleased that the election is over but very unhappy with the strife and discord that seems to be running rampage across this country. I got the outcome I wanted but will never gloat or put down anyone else for their opinions. Sadly many are not willing to be that considerate. That grieves me because I know that they are all good people who have their ideas and beliefs and feel let down. I can only pray that soon the bitterness will be gone and people will be more willing to work together for the good of us all and this great nation of ours.

So everyone please keep me in your prayers and know that each and everyone of you are always in mine. I promise to try and check in often and post when time allows. Take care and God Bless

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