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Wednesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

What a busy week so far,I was up the wee small hours this morning watching the election results coming in,I am not even an American voter,but I cannot resist all the excitement,enough for me to say I think the best man won.

I have not been at the gym in over a week,the theatre has me and Coleen (our Philadelphia immigrant) doing a mail run,stuffing 27,000 letters into envelopes,its mind numbing,but I do enjoy sharing conversation with Coleen with our respective lives at home and abroad,besides helps me gather some money for my Christmas Gifts Fund.

Thanks Katie for mentioning Susans contribution to LCSC,despite the relatively short time she spent with us, she made such an extraordinary contribution towards its well being.We have had such trying times recently,with the loss of so many of our friends,all of whom have made such a positive impact on the lives of many readers who have visited this site,in many ways we shall never be able to measure.As one who has benefitted greatly from the support of my friends of LCSC over the years,I consider it a priviledge to be a participating member of these forums,and will continue do to so for the many years I have left ahead.

If you are a regular reader but a non participating postee to this site,may I invite you to get your quills and ink pots out and drop us a line or two,you know responding to posts becomes easier with the greater the number of participants,I have such an unquenchionable thirst and curiosity about everyones daily lives,particularly friends from different countries and backgrounds.Allow me to try and illustrate what I mean,last year on my first visit to the USA I was able to visit a Pow Wow,it was just mind blowing to me,particularly with my interest in photography,about 600 Blackfeet Indians in full national costumes dancing around in front of me,the colours were just stunning,its a scene I will remember all my life,in telling some American friends about my experience,it was obvious that such occassions were so well visited by them in their lives it has almost become -yawn.So that garden fete you are attending next week or visit to a museum or meeting up with friends lets hear about it,there are so many people here who will enjoy reading about your exploits and be stimulated into responding themselves.Bye for now.

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