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"A Silver Lining of Gratitude" by Juhi Kunde


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A Silver Lining of Gratitude

November 9th, 2012 - by Juhi Kunde

http://blog.lungevity.org/2012/11/09/a- ... gratitude/

The first time I went to India, I was three years old. India was very different in those days. There were many mud-streaked, naked children living in tents or alleyways. Some of those kids were my age but they weren’t playing with dolls or having tea parties; they were banging on car windows to beg for food.

I have been back to India many times, and on each visit I have seen the country change and prosper. I have seen fewer and fewer children in such dire conditions. But those first trips to India have made their mark.

Now, on stormy nights I always offer a little prayer of thanks for the warm shelter around me. And I rarely say “I have nothing to wear” because I have seen people who truly don’t own clothing.

I guess that’s the thing about traumatic events, whether someone is facing a devastating diagnosis or witnessing an uncomfortable side of humanity, you eventually begin to appreciate the things you have. You learn to have a little gratitude.

And now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy so many people are facing difficult, or even life-threatening, situations. Perhaps this is a good time for all of us to pause and take stock of the things we appreciate in our lives.

LUNGevity supporters have a lot to be grateful for – we have world-class researchers devoting their lives to helping lung cancer patients, we have a growing and active support community and most importantly, we have the hope of better outcomes for lung cancer patients in the years to come.

But that’s just the beginning, there are so many other things to appreciate too – friends, pets, laughter, a kind stranger – the list goes on and on.

Please share your stories with us — what are you grateful for?

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