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Monday's Air


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Hi everyone!

This past weekend was a busy one as many Breathe Deep events happened across the nation. I wanted to thank everyone for their support and participation and helping to fund lung cancer research and make lung cancer a national priority.

Diane, I hope you got some rest from your great visit with your grand!

I hope everyone is well. the weather this weekend was VERY warm...then today it was 35 !

Don't know what's next for us here.

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

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Well I'm not exactly sure what the temp is here today - I have a new cell phone and we are not getting along too well. I want it to show the local weather like my old phone did - but it says it can't locate my location -- but if I ask for the nearest bar it seems to know right where I am :lol: I'm glad my sons are coming home for Thanksgiving so they can get this phone to behave.

I made reservations yesterday to go out for Thanksgiving dinner and I'm soooo happy about it. We did this the year my parents both died and I was first dx with LC, and they all HATED it. I really thought my family would mutiny - but they are being really good sports. My problem is guilt. I always feel like I HAVE to put on the same holiday meal my mother did - good linens, good china, silver, cyrstal, etc. - not to mention all the dishes she made a tradition and my sons think are a must have. Problem is my mother had me to help -- I don't have anyone. Everyone pitches in to some degree with the dishes afterward - but that's about it. Of course they could care less about the table settings and would be just as happy with paper plates - but even with those shortcuts it would be too much. I just don't have the stamina I used to and physically can't do it -- so I feel like I've taken a major step by putting the guilt aside and telling them this is what I need to do. I was surprised at what a relief it was once I made the decision -- now I'm really looking forward to the holiday.

How is everyone else planning to spend their holiday?

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i feel like I lost the months of Aug-Nov because I was travelling so much and working on so many projects. I nearly screamed when my daughter said thanksgiving was next week.

Diane I do what you feel...put on a meal like my mom did--only since she died I have kicked it up to insanity. For my kids, so they will be so happy...but it's just us. I remember when my mom was alive there'd always be at least 20 people in her tiny house..... I miss that.


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