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Middletown, CT: Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program


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Middlesex Hospital

28 Crescent Street Middletown, CT 06457



http://middlesexhospital.org/our-servic ... ng-program

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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Middlesex Hospital’s Total Lung Care Center offers you a comprehensive network of testing and treatment programs to help you care for your lungs. We can help you prevent lung disease, and detect lung disease early so treatment is easier and more effective. We also provide the most advanced care for all lung diseases with our team of dedicated and caring experts.

Middlesex Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program

In November of 2010, the National Cancer Institute proved that screening people at high risk for lung cancer can save lives.

Lung cancer screening is important, since early stage lung cancer often has no symptoms. Detecting lung cancer at its early stages means the best chance of being cured.

We recommend this screening program for smokers and ex-smokers who are 50 years old and older. Talk with your doctor to see if you would benefit from our Low Dose CT Screening Program.

How can I get a Lung Cancer Screening?

You must have a referral from your doctor for this screening.

Call your doctor, and tell them you are interested in a Screening CT scan. Together, you can discuss your risk and decide if a screening is for you.

Your doctor’s office will send the referral to our Central Scheduling Department. You will receive a phone call from our central scheduling office to make an appointment and to verify your information.

Does insurance pay for the screening?

No. Medicare and most insurance companies do not pay for screening CT scans. This means you must pay out-of-pocket. The only exception is Wellpoint Insurance, but you should call your Wellpoint representative to verify before your appointment. The screening costs $125, and we accept cash or credit cards.

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