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Looking for inspirational books to read? Here are a few recommendations:

[*] Author Teri Simon tells the story of her first year of living with lung cancer via a series of blog posts that are frank, warm, humor-infused and, most of all, full of hope.

Perspectives of a Flying Elephant: My First Year in the Land of Lung Junk http://www.amazon.com/Perspectives-Flyi ... 202&sr=8-1

Turbulence for a Flying Elephant: My Second Year in the Land of Lung Junk http://www.amazon.com/Turbulence-Flying ... 426&sr=1-5

[*] Author Cynthia Siegfried, an advocate for family caregivers and for cancer patients, is a popular speaker who offers hope and inspiration to those touched by catastrophic disease.

Cancer Journey: A Caregiver's View from the Passenger Seat http://www.amazon.com/Cancer-Journey-Ca ... 1414115490

[*] Randall Broad is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and business founder of Opal Enterprises, Inc. He speaks and shares his background on the subject of work/life balance and its necessity in everyday life. As a cancer survivor, he realizes that living your life as if you have cancer is not just a phrase but the mindset that transforms each day into the extraordinary.

It's an Extraordinary Life http://www.amazon.com/Its-Extraordinary ... dall+broad

[*] Author Lynne Eldridge, M.D. graduated from the University of Minnesota medical school with prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honors. She completed her residency through the U of M with time spent in Hawaii studying pesticide exposure in people. Dr. Eldridge passionately practiced family medicine with an emphasis on prevention for over 15 years in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, before devoting herself full time to researching and speaking internationally on cancer prevention and nutrition.

Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time: Practical Advice For Preventing Cancer http://www.amazon.com/Avoiding-Cancer-O ... e+eldridge

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