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Tuesday's Air

Janet B

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Good morning friends! I thought I would brave the spammers and try to start a new post. Hopefully they won't glob on to it!

First of all, Katie, I am so very sorry for this loss of your Father in Law. I hope you, your husband and children are healing. (And I especially hope you didn't have the need to start that hedgehog farm!)

And Diane, I am so sorry about your Dog's diagnosis. My Sean (Golden Retriever) is my constant companion and best caregiver so I totally understand how important a pet is in someone's life.

I have been trying to keep my energy level at or above couch slug! The chemo fog is slowly wearing off, I can now make it to the stores, but only for about an hour and then I feel like I have been hit by a ton of bricks! This past week I have been trying to get the house cleaned ( remember it was not Charlie's best trick while I was out of commission!) and shop for Thanksgiving as well as start the Christmas shopping. Just a tiny bit each day, but it is really wearing me out. My problem is that I am not willing to give in yet - I have always been big on Holiday traditions, and strive to make each one magical for my children. I am not willing to order in Thanksgiving dinner, or pare down the Christmas gifts or food quite yet. I did make a big step forward by assigning each child a dish or two to be in charge of. It will make Thanksgiving morning in the kitchen a little crazy, messy and noisy, but I think it will also be a lot of fun and I will have more chances to sit on my bottom enjoying a cocktail or two!

Soon I am headed out to the grocery store for the last minute items. My middle child, Lauren, is home already. The other two, Kristen and Michael, come in tomorrow night very late or very early Thanksgiving morning. We are hopeful Kristen's boyfriend will be with them, but he is in the Army and they still have not said yes or no to his leave. Unfortunately if they don't answer by today there will be no way for him to get a plane ticket. When they arrive depends on when he is able to get to Boston (where they live).

Tonight I have a meeting at the cancer hospital. I somehow managed to get volunteered to be on the Patient, Family Advisory Council. I guess it is because I have been a patient for almost 6 years! if any one has seen what is going right and wrong it would be me! I think the committee is a great idea, it is just hard because the hospital is 45 minutes away and I have to be there so much as it is. I actually skipped support group last night because I knew I wouldn't have the energy to drive out there two nights in a row.

OK. It is already 11:45 and I still have to shower, dress, shop, put away groceries and leave for the hospital by 4:00!!! I don't see how that is going to happen, but I will do my best!

Have an amazing day everyone.

Peace - Janet

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Nice to see you Janet - you may not think you are getting much done, but it sounds like a LOT to me!

Katie - I think I posted on FB, but I too am so sorry about your FIL and I can only imagine what a loss it is to your family.

Well we had a "family emergency" -- won't bore anyone with the details, but it derailed my plans for a nice Thanksgiving dinner out for a change. We are back to eating at home, but I was not at all prepared for this and so to keep the stress level at a minimum I've ordered the turkey dinner from Honey Baked Ham. I think the men in my family - and that is pretty much everyone - is secretly happy not to have to get dressed up and go out after the football game. Hopefully the food will be okay - and one of my son's fiance's is going to make a dish or two (and she is a great cook) -- so it will all work out fine and probably for the best. I've gotten half the house clean - and that also may have to suffice. I'm not sure why I stress out so much about the house being so clean when as soon as everyone arrives there are people and stuff everywhere and no one would ever guess it had been cleaned in the first place :) No matter what, we have a lot to be thankful for and it will be a wonderful day.

Janet, I hope your daughter's boyfriend is able to make it, and I keep forgetting that you are in one of those special places that actually have a lot of support going on for lung cancer. I think it is wonderful you are able to be so involved.

I have read that Black Friday is now starting as early as 8pm on Thursday . . .

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving

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