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Monday's Air


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Good Morning LCSCer's!

I hope everyone had a wondeful long Thanksgiving weekend.

It's back to school for the kids and back to work for us grownups. I've lots of catching up to do around here.

Things are good and the weather in dallas is warmer than normal so I guess I shouldn't complain. I've been dealing with some nerve damage and nuropathy in my hands from shingles...it's been a process trying to pinpoint why my hands keep going to sleep and the source of the pain but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope are things in yoru corner of the world?

Happy Monday everyone,


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This moment in time is a little a oasis in which to relax and spend a bit of time catching up with my online mail,methinks its just the calm before the storm.Gymming and swimming this morning,tomorrow,two performances of Aladdin,start at 9.00am finish 4.30pm,home for dinner back out at 6.30pm for my indoor bowls with my friends.Wed,attending a one day advocates training course with the Roy Castle LC Foundation in the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow,10.00am until 4.00pm.Thursday an exact repeat on Tuesday,2 performances of Aladdin and indoor bowls in the evening.Is'nt life just fun?.

Forthcoming attractions?,Friday 7th Dec I have two rather expensive tickets to see a performance of Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra at the SECC in Glasgow,I just love their music.On Sunday the 9th of Dec,I am will be giving a reading at a Carol Service sponsored by the Roy Castle Org in the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum,I will appear in my full kilt ensemble.From now until the 5th January,there will be many attendances to Aladdin,I think by then I am going to be absolutely worn out with pantos for a lifetime,oh no I wont,oh yes I will.

Bye for now.

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good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My children all left yesterday. I ended up having my 3 as well as two of their boyfriends. There was a lot of eating, a lot of laughter and a constant mess. In other words, perfection! besides eating copious amounts of Turkey and fixings, we had family friends over for leftovers the next day, went to visit the farm, had Hot Buttered Rum at the Griswold Inn (the oldest continuosly run Tavern in the country) and went to see the Lincoln movie. However, as much as I love having them all here, today I slept until 11 and plan on staying in my pajamas until I have to go out at 4! I need to rest up before they all come back at Christmas!

Last year at this time I was pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Because of the chemo, this year I have barely begun and I don't like that stress hanging over me. So, today, while in my pajamas, I will do some "cyber Monday" on-line shopping. on-line is not my preferred method to Christmas shop, but I think with my current energy level it is my best bet.

Tonight my cancer center is having a Lung Cancer Symposium. My husband, daughter and I are going out to it. The chief of medical oncology will be talking about Personalized therapy, my oncologist will be talking about harnessing the immune system to attack lung cancer, a nurse APRN will talk about Lung Cancer screening and my social worker will talk about psychosocial support. I am hoping they get a good crowd, Irene, the social worker who runs my support group has worked very hard on it.

So, today to the symposium, tomorrow I spend the day back at the hospital getting my infusion and the rest of the week I better get serious about the shopping! Would love to go see Aladdin with Eric, if only it was a bit closer! (Eric, I am assuming a Pantomine play has NO words, at all? Is there constant music playing to help you figure out the mood? Sounds a lot like the old silent films?)

Ok, time to get serious about the "cyber shopping"! credit card is ready! have a wonderful day everyone.


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Happy Monday Everyone!

Weather here in Illinois is cold :( Daytime high in the low 40's and dipping into the 20's tonight with possible snow. It's funny that during the summer months I wish for winter and then when winter arrives I wish for the heat :)

Trying to get the house clean so I can put up some Christmas decor. Not a whole lot of decorations just a few. Soon as I finish washing down the kitchen cabinets I plan to do some cyber shopping!

Have a great day everyone!

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Hi Janet,

Glad you had such a happy time with your family at Thanksgiving,I have never attended such an occassion,sounds right up my street,eating ,drinking,fun with family and friends,bit like Christmas Day?

Pantomime,an entirely and very old type of British theatre,dont know where the word comes from,but it has no link to a mimed performance,plenty of dialogue,lots of jokes, some of them subtile innuendo,aimed at the adults in the audience,which tend to fly above the heads of kids in the audience.Audience participation encouraged,you have to boo the baddies,the character Wishie Washie,each time he appears on stage,the Gangham Style song is played,immeadiately the kids see him enter,they stand up and dance the routine and sing,its so funny to watch,hundreds of kids all dancing in sinc.Tradition allows for transgender roles eg Widow Twankie is played by a male,usually quite butch,wearing outrageous and elaborate costumes,Buttons for example in Cinderella will be played by a girl etc.Many actors/actresses in the UK,who are "Resting" see pantomime as a means of earning a regular income during the Months of Nov to Jan,so its quite common to see household names in your local theatre,every town and city in the UK will currently have a pantomime in their theatres,Glasgow for example, is probably running four or five in different theatres.If you ever travel to the UK at this time of the year,a panto is a must for your visit.

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So nice to see so many stopping by.

Michelle, glad to see you are doing well. Eric, I haven't been to a pantomine but it sounds like great fun - and I would love to see Alladin. Katie, sorry about your shingles - I had them years ago and hope to never have to deal with that again! Janet - your Thanksgiving sounds perfect.

I'm starting to panic because I haven't even started cyber shopping yet! We have a couple of old, kind of quaint towns nearby with lots of really cool shops. The Christmas decorations are great, they have roasted chestnuts, and people dresse in clothes from the 1800s, buggy rides, etc. and it was always the highlight of my holiday to go shopping and have lunch there. I'm still able to meet friends for a Xmas lunch (which is the most important thing of course), but I do miss the shops as well. Don't miss trying to find a parking place at the mall though :lol:

Take care everyone.


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