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Wednesday's Air


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My goodness! I'm the first one here two days in a row :) Guess everyone is out Christmas shopping?

Weather here today in in the low 40's. Cold yes, but at least it isn't windy. I hate the wind!

House smells really good! I have a big pot of homemade Chicken Noodle soup cooking. Something about soups...I just love them.

Tomorrow starts the last round of deer shooting here with guns. Some friends always have a gathering at their home this time of year. We all bring food and sit around the wood stove waiting for the hunters to come in and tell us how they did. The only thing I don't like is when I actually see the dead deer. I'm still a city girl I guess and not used to that kind of thing.

Well, hope everyone is having a great day :)

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I love soup too - especially homemade!

We've got a storm coming, so it is a little windy - but it has cleared out some of the stagnant air so I'm happy about that.

Am going to spend the afternoon counting my blessings!! I got a call last night that they needed a driver to drive a woman to her doctor appt. - kind of an emergency. She is a very sweet older lady and on the way she was telling me her story. The shortened version - she had an infection, so they put her on antibiotics - she became really sick and was in and out of her doctor's office, as well as two stints in the hospital -- they told her it was the massive doses of antibiotics they'd been giving her - she just kept getting sicker. Finally she saw another doctor in the group who immediately sent her back to the hospital - where they finally did scans and discovered she has ovarian cancer. Our only oncology office here doesn't treat (surgically) ovarian cancer so they had to fly her to Portland, where she spent another month in the hospital. She's just been home a couple weeks and is getting her chemo here - but the chemo put her back in the hospital for a few days. This wouldn't be so bad, but her husband has dementia and she is his only caregiver. Her daughter, who lives here, has a special needs child and a husband who was recently dx with a brain tumor - and during surgery for that they cut his optic nerve and he is now blind - so she isn't able to help her folks out much. Sure keeps my problems in perspective!!

Her appt. ran way over so it's already afternoon - haven't had lunch so think I'll go see what kind of soup I've got. Won't be homemade -- but still sounds good. then hopefully will get some work done and maybe even time for a little cyber shopping :)

Janet - I hope you were able to get your chemo and are at home today - NOT back at the cancer center. Lily, I hope this year's anniversary passes gently.

Katie - I saw some of your Xmas decorating on FB -- I'm in awe of your energy!

Stay safe everyone -

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Katie.....come on over. I tend to overcook anyway :) My mom owned a restaurant and that's where I learned to cook but in large quantities. Did I ever tell you that I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 250 vets one year? Not at my house either LOL At a VFW in California. We had them all bused in from the vet hospital in Long Beach. It was a blast!

Randy...you have no idea how much I've learned living here in Illinois. It's like a whole different world compared to California. I think the part I love the most about living here is how everyone in town will come to your rescue if you ever need anything. In California seemed that people just didn't want to know each other. Even neighbors would live across the street for years and you wouldn't even know their names :(

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Sorry to say that a lot of California is like that but there are many areas where that is not the case. I love where I live in Redding and the little town of French Gulch where I lived for a few years was even better.

I always cooked large meals for holidays or just because I wanted to for some reason. I still cook some where I live but do miss the large meals I would prepare. Not sure I could handle that anymore because of my back. I just can't stand in one spot for more than a couple of minutes.

I do make a mean vegetable soup. The one thing I don't do is put tomato in it. I don't like fresh tomatoes and with reflux I can only tolerate small amounts of tomato products. My soup is really good without it and I have a lot of neighbors who would swear to that.

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