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Good morning everyone! It is raining again today, but I think tomorrow may clear some. And it really isn't too cold - high 40s or 50. I find the older I get the more I hate the cold - no wonder so many people retire to Florida or Arizona!

I'm going through my usual "pre-Xmas panic". No matter how many good intentions I have, I'm still behind and getting caught up seems almost impossible. And I never seem to learn. I always make the same mistake of asking everyone, for instance, what they'd like to have for Xmas dinner -- naturally I get a half dozen different suggestions and then I worry about pleasing everyone! I am determined to get all of my cyber shopping done by tomorrow - then I should be able to finish with just one trip to the stores. Not really a big deal -- I think stressing out about it has just become a habit. I would really like to figure out how to make it fun again. Any suggestions?

I did finally do one thing I'm happy about and have been meaning to do for a couple years -- my kids are always asking me what I want to Xmas - and of course like most parents there isn't anything I need. This year I wrote them each a note and told them nothing would make me happier than if they would make even a small donation to lung cancer research . . . that would mean so much more than another pair of slippers or set of dish towels :)

Happy hump day everyone.

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Hi everyone! Diana....I just love your Christmas wish! That's a great idea :)

Haven't thought about what to cook for Christmas dinner. I came here to Illinois from California and they don't like my cooking here. Unless it's packed with grease they don't like it and I'm not used to cooking that way. Maybe we can go out and I'll have a salad while they have a big bowl of lard? lol

Weather here is good today with lots of sunshine and in the low 60's but I heard starting tomorrow to expect 5 days of rain :(

Since it's a dry today we are going out to cut down some trees so we'll have enough for the winter. The house is heated with propane but we have a wood stove out in the shop. Makes it easier to work on things out there when it's warm.

Well, have a good day everyone!

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