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Want to do something wild and crazy!!!


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MO, Boy do I know what you mean. I am going to my Onc. tomorrow and hopefully get some good drugs. I have been coughing all weekend. I am stuffed up in the nose too so I am sure I just have some kind of infection or cold or such but I WANT DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha,ha. Maybe if I can get some cough syrup with codein I can really feel good and stay up and howl at the moon. What do you think? Want to join me.

David C

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Well, so far wild and crazy has equated to doing 2 loads of laundry and watching "All Dogs Go To Heaven" for the 300th time with my grandson. There is really something WRONG with this picture!!! The way my breathing has been today I could probably make some good obscene phone calls??? As for the cough syrup with codein, I am allergic to codein so I don't ever get the "good" drugs, lol. Maybe tomorrow after they drain off some fluid I will feel like doing something that actually involves moving. lol.

God Bless,


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Mo, I'm with you!!! Three bad days in a row with my muscle weakness and breathing problems and I'm definately getting a bit squirelly. Even the football games were a washout for me today. I was rooting for the Colts and the Eagles! :cry::D

Codine = howl at the moon? Not flippin' likely! For me it's more like Codine = snore at the pillow! :D

And the last time I did laundery I did it on a Sunday and could move again sometime Tuesday afternoon!

Oh well, what ya gonna do? Try again tomarrow! :)


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Wild and Crazy?

Is it warm in Missouri? Can you "streak"?? (Oh hell, if it's cold, you'll RUN FASTER, won't you? LOL -AND you'd be an eye injury hazard, to boot!)

When I started feeling cooped up (and my mother was "Becky-sitting" me), I tore up all the carpet on the first floor of the house...and painted the kitchen...and gardened (can't do THAT in this darn snow!)... I was told to avoid people and crowds so I couldn't hit the mall (but Lowe's isn't TOO bad during a weekday) and decided to work on some home improvement that hubby just hadn't gotten around to in over a year... :roll:

He admits he had some misgivings when he came home from work to a crapload of carpet on the front yard (I'm telling you, carpet from a bachelor pad is TOXIC..and the padding?? EWwwwww!). Wasn't too hard after that point to get him to find a way to get the furniture I didn't want in the house moved to storage....guess he was afraid the next load would be his clothes! :wink:

I know what you mean about Sunday excitement being the laundry - that's what I did Sunday... plus ran to the hardware store twice for parts for the garbage disposal hubby was fixing, plus ran the car through the car wash...and I am SOOOO sick of the TV running all day long on the weekends! It's a brain drain that my boys (54 to 11) get sucked into....

BUT, it was too cold to play outside, snow's too deep to garden, shoveling took place out of necessity (and I have WON the argument to get a snowblower before NEXT winter), home improvement projects are LARGE (painting, etc.) and cannot be accomplished in half a day (garbage disposal was not a planned repair - with all the running, it took half the darn day for a 15 minute job...old pipes were breaking, found out the previous owner installed the "too short" pipes with flippin' DUCT TAPE...).

Sure am wishing for Ed McMahon to be knocking on my door with a BIIIIIG check! First thing would be to get a NICE house and BURN this one! I think I might be able to squeek by on $10 million... 8)

Take care - and maybe with grandkids around, you'll want to keep your clothes on... :oops:


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