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Thursday's Air


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Good Morning :) Nice day today. The sun is shining and temp are in the 60's. Supposed to rain later so I really should get outside and enjoy what I can huh?

I have a couple gifts I want to pick up for Christmas and then I should be done. I just hate crowds so I need to finish soon.

Today our puppy "Sampson" is officially 8 months old. He loves eggs so I scrambled him a couple and sang Happy Birthday to him. He just looked at me like he thought I was crazy! I suppose I am in a way :)

I saw a couple more spam posting this morning here and have reported them. Don't understand why people do things like that.

Well, have a good day and enjoy yourselves!

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had such a weird day yesterday. Since it happened Thursday, I'm posting HERE! HA!!

I went to an educational workshop on "campassion fatigue." Well, I thought...this means someone who is so exhausted from caring for people---this is ME, especially after the losses we've had from here and from our LUNGevity Hope Summit alumni. I support newly diagnosed patients everyday....this is perfect! I really thought I needed this to teach me how to care for others without losing myself and damaging my own health in the process. I have health issues, high bp, insomnia, etc...

WRONG! It was a session on when you DON'T care anymore about the people you are supposed to support.

WHAT?? How odd is that. It was a room full of social workers and nurses complaining about difficult patients and how the people they care for drain them and they get angry and frustrated at them.

I sat there and felt like I was in the twilight zone. I wanted to raise my hand and say, Um...I think I'm in the wrong room!' HA!! But I sat there thru the entire thing and received my continuing education certificate that I can hand on my wall.

live and learn.

the next time I'm at the doctors and they are treating me poorly, I'm going to say, Excuse me, do you have compassion fatigue, because I've developed patience fatigued due to your terrible customer service! HAHAHA

Anyway, thought I'd share what I learned yesterday with you all.

Love and hugs,


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