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Mom newly diagnosed with sclc-ext


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Joining as my 58-yr mom has been diagnosed with sclc-ext and she currently has 2 brain mets. Our current status is her primary care has referred her to an oncologist and since we're in Houston we've requested an appt w/ MD Anderson.

Looking forward to doing everything I possibly can to help mom fight this. Looks like I found some good company.

Carrie - HelpforMom

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Hello Carrie! My husband had non small cell so I don't know much personally about the small cell but I'm sure the other members here will be able to answer questions you might have.

I've heard really good things about MD Anderson and the wonderful care they provide there.

Please keep us updated on how she is doing and feel free to browse and post in our other forums if you wish.


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Thank you, MichelleP! I've been browsing the forum and have run across many words of encouragement. One of my favorites was about patients not being a statistic but rather an individual. And my own mom told me that sadness is a thief. So, I'll keep browsing for encouragement and hope to be able to provide good news regarding mom's treatment. As of now the thoracic oncology dept at MDA has mom's pathology report and prior scans and will be calling to set an appt next week. Baby steps!

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Hi HelpforMom. Your attitude is on the right track already. My mom is also 58 and she's also recently diagnosed.

Although I don't know much about SCLC here's wishing you the very best and high hopes!

Keep smiling and don't let it deceive you:)

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I just wanted to welcome you. I don't know very much about small cell either - just that there is limited and extensive, unlike the 4 stages of non-small cell. But I also believe it reacts very well to chemo. You couldn't be in a better location - from what I hear MD Anderson is one of the best. Having you and MD Anderson on her side, gives your Mom a great start!

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