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Hi LCSCer's how are you doing today?

How was your weekend?

We've gone from unseasonably warm temperatures to a hard freeze last night and we've been hovering in the 40s all day. I have been chilled all day!

and they say it will continue to rise and we shall be back in teh 70s by the end of the week....so may folks are having respiratory infections and stomach bugs because our weather can't see to make up it's mind!

What's the weather like where you are today?

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Hi! Weather here today was in the low 30's and dropping 19 tonight they say :( This is the hard part of adjusting from the warm California weather to cold Illinois!

I have asthma so went to the pulmonologist today. He strongly recommends getting a flu shot. I've never had one before and I remember how ill my husband got when he took one. Doc says it's dangerous for me "not to have one". Any thoughts of these shots? He also heard fluid in my lungs so need to get an X-ray tomorrow I guess.

Still not finished with my Christmas shopping.....I have waiting till the stores get so crowded. Guess I'm just not motivated about it this year.

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