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Monday's Air


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It's cold and raining here this morning. News report last night said sunshine and a high of 60.....yea right :(

Finally finished all my Christmas shopping. Ended up buying more than I had intended but then, don't we all? I did manage to buy myself some warm fuzzy socks which are coming in handy this morning.

Russ is out again today helping his son work on his septic system. Coming from California I don't understand the concept of how these systems work but it sure is a mess. They are out there in the rain digging the whole thing up and running new pipe lines. He's been sick and I doubt this weather is going to do any good. All I can offer is a pot of hot soup for when he gets home.

Our dog Sampson seems to be having issues of constipation. I read online about giving him a tsp of pure pumpkin in his food or some mineral oil but doesn't seem to be helping much. Going to keep a close eye on him today and if no change I'll take him to the vet tomorrow. Anyone else had this problem with their pets? He does eat a quality canned food with fiber now.....just don't know. He refuses to eat the hard food at all :(

Have a great day everyone :)

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Hi Michelle - glad to see someone here. I have been juggling so many things lately it seems I no sooner get up than it's time to go to bed. I have all this year-end paperwork coming up and it's quite a mess this year. Mostly my own fault because I have let some of the bookkeeping get behind - now I'm paying for it.

I keep getting blizzard warnings on my cell phone -- and it sure feels cold enough -- but I hopefully the snow will stay in the mountains but it's not going to make holiday travel much fun for lots of people.

I am pretty much done with my Xmas shopping. First year I think I've actually stuck to my list -- but am now feeling like I should buy a few more gifts since sticking to the list makes it look kind of skimpy -- I've never really done that before :)

We lived with septic systems before, but not had any trouble. I do remember our well going out once on New Year's Day in a snow storm -- that was fun!

I've had similar issues with my dogs, but if your dog isn't better by tomorrow I would probably take him to the vet. Being off their food can be nothing - or it can be something . . . so probably better safe than sorry.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday - preferably a warm one.

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