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Healing with Gingerbread


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Hi Lungevity folks,

I recently was at a function & was speaking to my friend who is conquoring LC. Well, let me tell you she is looking BEEE UUUtiful and healthier these days. While we were hanging out she was telling me that GINGER is great for nausea and can help while going thru chemo. I made some cookies on Monday and I have to say the Betty Crocker mix was easy to whip up, I would recommend buying the softened butter that is in the baking aisle though. The frosting we used was Vanilla. Sooo scrumptious. I made a batch for my family because I'm notorious for burning every baked good I've ever tried. I'm glad my Husband took over, he's the baker in this house. Now I'm ready to whip up a fresh bathc and send to my friends house. I hope she likes them! happy Holidays y'all!

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