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4th Christmas without Donald


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It's Christmas Eve. It's the 4th Christmas without my husband. Not quite sure why, but this seems to be harder than the past years...... Maybe because I'm spending it with another family when I don't have one of my own anymore I suppose. Just hope I'm able to cry quietly without anyone knowing :(

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Michelle - it's now the day after Xmas, but I hope it passed gently. I think once we've lost someone really close to us that some things are just never the same - and I find holidays to be one of those things. That doesn't mean it can't be good - but there are moments when, like Randy says, it can help to take a short walk in the fresh air.

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Well, I made it through the day. I was surrounded by Russ's family and tried my best not to let anyone notice it just didn't feel "right" for me. Couldn't go outside for a walk because it was only about 29 degrees :(

Christmas day was always special for my husband and I before he passed. I would spend the whole day cooking and cleaning. I used to go "all out" wanting everything to be perfect and he always tried to help me as much as he could. Funny cuz usually when men try to help they only get in the way don't they? ha ha

It's hard with Russ's family. I have no doubt they love each other, however, there are always voices being raised and someone always storms out the door mad. I'm just not used to that I guess.

Oh well, the day has passed and I'm still in one piece right? Hoping to spend New Years Eve with just "friends" that night :)

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Hi Michelle,

I am sorry for the loss of your husband,Christmas is always a time when we reflect on the absense of family members,this year was more reflective for me too,in the loss of my youngest sister just over a month ago.I do wish you a wonderful New Year,may 2013 be a vintage year for you.

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