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Merry Christmas!!!!!!

I want to wish each and every one of my dearest friends here a very very merry Christmas. I know we are spending time with our families and loved ones today and reflecting on a lot of things.

It is cold and dreary outside and kinda fits the meed for some of us . always warm and cheery and bright on the outside but deep inside cold and dreary. I know a lot of us are missing some friends and family today. we put on our happy warm bright cheery faces for the ones we have and down inside we have the other side for the ones not with us... I am one of those people as most of ya know...

Takle some time to think and honor the ones not with us physically and remember that some day we will be together with them one day. Have and think happy thoughts not the bad thoughts and memories of days gone by. sometimes it is hard to remember the good and easy to remember the bad scary life ending thoughts... keep it on the plus side though...

Me, going to the cemetery to place flowers on2 graves about 30 feet from each other and saying some prayers for 3 lost souls at the same time.. going to be a great day anyhow and hope yours is as well....

and working to get moms house in order for Happy Christmas number 2 when sis and family cone down end of the week...

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Merry Christmas, Randy and everyone! Your post is beautiful, Randy and yes many of us are having a hard time this season and my sister and I are among those. Just a little over three months ago we lost mom and she was THE Christmas person in the family. She put so much love an magic in many many Christmas's for us all . My sons and I will be together with my Daddy and my sister part of today and we will be missing mom , but we will try to make the best of it. Aside from mom, we've all lost many lcsc members and relatives this year and years past..holidays can be very hard. My heart goes out to all my friends here and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with beautiful memories and that you will make a few more on this day. God Bless you all!



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