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My father has lung cancer


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My name is Wylie and I found out a few weeks ago that my father who is 51 has lung cancer. I don't know what type of lung cancer it is, all I know is that he has a mass or tumor I guess, in one of his lungs and it is inoperable. He is due for chemo and radiation over the next six weeks after new years. He is in good health otherwise as far as his heart and bloodp pressure etc, he smoked for probably like 15-20yrs, cancer was discovered after he went to the doctor after like 3 months of a very bad cough. Since I don't know specifically what type of lung cancer he has I was wondering if I could get some predictions about what cancer he might have, whats the treatment process like, what will the treatment do to him, etc... Any other thoughts.


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Sorry to hear about your Dad.

I can't make a valid guess as to which type of lung cancer. If I remember correctly, a long smoking history (esp. if he didn't quit long ago) does significantly increase the chances it could be small cell lung cancer, squamous cell lung cancer, or an adenocarcinoma with a not-so-useful KRAS driving mutation (as opposed to a more useful one), but there are some smokers who even have a rare very rare, usually-useful (for a number of months) ALK- or ROS1-driven adenocarcinoma (rare regardless of smoking status, and with 90% of it occurring in younger never-smokers). The type of lung cancer would be one of the first things the pathologists will try to determine once he's gotten a biopsy sample taken (and a biopsy is usually done ASAP within days of seeing there's a tumor in there, at least here in the USA).

FYI, if they said his cancer was inoperable, that might be either because they've seen it spread away from the original site (i.e., it's migrating through the body or across the lungs) in which case they might call it Stage IV, or it might be in a place they can't usually eradicate it from (pleural lining, which would also make it be called Stage IV), or it might be in a location too dangerous to use surgery or radiation on (e.g., around the heart or aorta).

Best hopes,


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There are many different types of cancer so please try to get as much information you can from his doctors. Prognosis and chemo side effects are also different for many.

Please browse our other forums and you'll find a world of information from our members.

I hope you are able to get more information and let us know how he is doing.

Best of luck to you and your family ((hugs))

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I just wanted to say welcome. The period of the initial diagnosis is very difficult and stressful. I think it is one of, if not the, worst time. I believe things gets easier once a treatment plan is in place and things start moving.

Please let us know how your Dad is doing. There are many people here who have been right where you are now, and can help.


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Like the other contributors advise it is best to see what the doctors say. I had small cell lung cancer and it sounds like that, like your dad mine was 'inoperable' don't be scared by this. I had stage IV, meaning it had spread to my brain, I was four years younger than your dad. I am now completely cured, three years after my diagnosis, and as is stated above you will find many, many survivor stories. Try and be positive. I always used to tell people 'I'm not battling or fighting cancer, it is my body and never used such negative terms and it made me feel better. Just treat your dad like you normally treat him, he will tell you if he needs anything. That is what worked for me.

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