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GemCarbo chemotherapy for lung cancer


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My husband used the GemCarbo when he first began his chemo. I'm sure everyone is different but in his case it was extremely harsh on his system. He had to have blood transfusions after each and every treatment. They stopped this combo and switched him to Tarceva.

This does "not" happen to everyone though. I'm sure others will follow here that have had success.

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Thank you Michelle. Quite surprised that it was not on the site even as a search query.

As a secondary question: does switching from cisplatin to carboplatin mean one will need to have several more chemo trips due to the fact that carboplatin is less effective than cisplatin?

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I responded to your post on another thread, but the number of treatments probably depends on a number of things. I started with cisplatin/etoposide - but was then switched to carboplatin/taxol. I had quite a few more carbo/taxol treatments than had initially been scheduled with the cisplatin/etop. However, I was also having daily radiation at the same time, and I believe that was a factor. The drug combinations themselves also are another factor. I think the answer as to how many can vary from patient to patient, even though there are norms. This should be a question your mother's doctor can answer - although they may not really know the answer to that yet themselves.

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