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Happy New Year folks!

Just wanted to be the first post of 2013.

How was your holiday? Things were very eventful for us. Rick had a surgery and was in and out of the hospital but he's recovering well. We did manage to spend some quality time together as a family and of course eat and eat and eat!!

What were some of your favorite dishes? Did you get any exciting gifts?

For those of you (us!) who were missing loved ones this holiday, did you do anything to commemorate/remember them?

Can't wait to read your answers!



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Favorite Dishes: I ate lots of comfort foods, chicken, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and cassaroles!!! YUM! they are all my favorites! HA!

Exciting Gifts: I played around with my new DSLR camera when we visited the nature preserve and wildlife park! I have a new hobby! I also got a replacement for the ring I lost a couple of months ago.

Lost Loved Ones: I visited the cemetary twice. One before Christmas to leave my parents a wreath and a little tree and again on the 29th- which would have been my daddy's birthday. I also visited my FIL who is also at the National Cemetary with my parents. It was bittersweet. I miss my parents so much. I think my new ring was something my mom would have loved. And yesterday I got teary eyed because I wished so desperately that I could have showed her.

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Happy New Year!

I am still in recovery mode! I had my three kids home for over a week, with boyfriends and girlfriends popping in and out. It was exhausting, but perfect! I am giving myself this week to just lay low and recover. Next week I start back at the farm for the first time since July!

Favorite dish - does fudge count?! Why do I only make it at Christmas?? But on Christmas Day we always make a beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes, string beans with almonds and Yorkshire pudding. It is the perfect holiday meal.

Favorite gift - well, my kids coming home!! besides that, when I was going through chemo this summer and fall, nothing tasted good and all I wanted was a cherry snowcone. My daughter got me a Snoopy Snow Cone maker for Christmas! I think I will make one right now as a matter of fact! oh, and I got the full season (only season) of Firefly. An unfortunately short lived tv series. I watched 6 episodes on New Years Eve!

Lost loved ones - my mom died 19 years ago. At this point, usually holidays are filled with happy memories of her, and feeling like she is there with us. Everyonce in a while the sadness hits again. When it does I go to a quiet place. Last week that was curled up on the couch in the dark with nothing but the tree lights. Sometimes, I think, it is good to let yourself feel the sadness too.

We went to see Les Miserables last night. It was amazing and I have been singing the songs all day. I can't sing, so it is a good thing it is just me the dog and the guinea pig here!


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Good Morning Everyone,

Went to bed at 11pm,now woke up at 2am and could'nt get back to sleep,so here I am.I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, may 2013 be full of health and happiness for you and yours.

It has been a while since I visited here,my life has been so busy of late,I finish with the Aladdin Panto on Friday Evening,it has been great fun,I was reading in our press that some Producer has signed up with some American theatres to produce Pantomimes there for a ten year period,so maybe there will be a Panto coming to your town next Christmas?.

Saturday, just prior to Christmas I was at a party in Cumbernauld,in my sister Irene's house,all the extended family were there including,all their children,sounds like a recipe for disaster,but no,everyone gets on so well together,Irene was presented with a large photograph printed on canvas of her and Linda together just about a month prior to her passing,she was really moved by this present.It was a super night,Irene and husband Pat make for such good hosts,they put so much into these occassions,the food was provided by her favourite Indian restaurant,gosh,she should have had tickets printed and charged for our entry,I love Indian food,I brought my car with the intention of not drinking alcohol and driving home later,Irene was not having that so I stayed and had a couple of wee drams,I drove home the next day.

I went to see Andre Reiu at the SECC in Glasgow,it was his first visit to Scotland,about 15 mins to before Andre started the hall was still only about half full,I did'nt think everyone would be seated on time,Andre was on stage for several mins waiting for everyone,he made the remark I came with my orchestra all the way from Maastricht to be here on time and yet you cannot make it coming from Glasgow?,I am on a world tour this year,I am going to tell every place I visit about Glasgow LOL.He did the 8000 audience proud,what a night,he overran about 45 mins since he could'nt get off the stage by the call from the audience for more,we Scots like to get our monies worth.This show was filmed so I am looking forward to buying the DVD.

Christmas Day I went to my daughters house for dinner,it was supposed to be the other way round,but Sally was indisposed.Chris, Jennifer's boyfriend made a lovely steak dinner,Jennifer had a vegetarian alternative,Chris does have a great sense of humour,as he served steak,mashed potatoes and boiled peas,he included puff pastry and sage and onion stuffing.Jennifer gave me tickets for a show in Glasgow in April,Irene also got similar,hers were for Bruce Springstein,mine were for Chris De Burgh,dont say to Jennifer,but I tried unsuccessfully to talk Irene into swopping her tickets for mine LOL,I dont really like this guy,och well,maybe it will turn out to be a good night out.Janet,Les Miserables opens in Scotland in a couple of weeks time,I am so looking forward to seeing this film,I have seen the stage productions in Edinburgh and London,I know all the songs word for word,I always wanted to appear on stage with our amateur company,but its not allowed probably for another 100 years due to copyright,I did though, get to sing on stage Do you hear the People Sing as part of a group of singers.

Time to go,enjoy the rest of your holiday season,bye for now.

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Well I'm a bit late to this - not unusual. Sounds as though everyone had a wonderful and busy holiday.

First time ever we had two Christmases -- middle son was divorced and so we had Xmas with his family the weekend before Xmas. They are all teens/pre-teens now, and while I love seeing them and we have a great time, I miss the little ones who are all excited about Santa coming. They seem to spend a lot of time on their phones - but turned out it was a good thing they are so knowledgeable as I just got a new smart phone and was having all kinds of problems. They got me all fixed up. Second Xmas was at our youngest son's house with his family and we had a wonderful day. His children are 3 mos, 1-1/2 and almost 3 -- but still not quite old enough to understand about Santa :( We had prime rib and turkey - with all the side dishes and so many desserts I was sure I'd gained 10 pounds! My DIL wasn't up to doing all that cooking, so she made desserts and I did the prime rib. Got the turkey and sides at Honey Baked Ham and really was easy. I feel guilty not doing all the cooking - but I'm learning to get over it :) Normally everyone comes to our house - this is the first time we've gone out and I have to admit it was nice to go home and leave all the mess behind!

I always miss my parents terribly at Xmas. My mother "made" Xmas for all of us - and it has never been quite the same. It does get easier though. I think my favorite time of the holidays now is Xmas Eve Mass. We always went with my parents, and when we are there and singing all the carols, it does seem like they are very close.

Tragically the day before Xmas we got a call from Chuck's sister. On Xmas Eve morning she had gone in to wake her 37-yr-old daughter and found her dead. She had been in the hospital with complications of diabetes, but they had discharged her home to her mom's house for Xmas. She had a husband and an 8-yr-old daughter. Obviously that was very much on our minds through the holiday.

New Years we just hung out and watched movies - which we don't do too often and it was great.

Wishing a wonderful 2013 for everyone!

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