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Hand treatment for Tarceva takers


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After trying uncounted multitudes of things to treat those nasty little ulcers at the corners of my fingertips I developed the following recipe/procedure. You can get these ingredients at most pharmacies and grocery stores. If I do this several times/week the ulcers never come.

:arrow: 1 c. distilled water or aloe vera juice (not gel)

:arrow: 1/4 c. glycerin

:arrow: 1/8 c. good oil (e.g. evening primrose, jojoba, sweet almond, olive)

:arrow: a few drops essential oil, if desired. Calendula extract is good, too, but basic recipe works fine.

:arrow: unpowdered disposable gloves. I like the blue nitrile ones the best and can get large boxes of them at BJs

Combine all ingredients in spray bottle. Shake well for each use and spray 5-7 times into the gloves. (put on gloves) I wear them overnight but even a few hours/day is good.

If you have problems with your toes, the way I did (several infections) daily soaks in Epsom salts at the first sign of pain always works.

Hope it works for you the way it does for me!


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Jackie (JocelynM),

FYI, I'm still waiting to see published or presented results from the phase 1/phase2 trials of Talon's menadione (synthetic vitamin K3) lotion. The briefest of info is given here:


and the status of their development pipeline for this is graphically shown here:


I've seen other clinical trials exist or existed for vitamin K1 (as found some foods) for EGFR inhibitor rash, but don't know their results. Per prior lab research, K3 is supposed to be much more potent at neutralizing EGFR inhibitors than K1, yet as a lotion it was hoped that too little would be absorbed to neutralize the Tarceva effect on the cancer inside the body. Apparently the research trials continue.

Best hopes,


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I appreciate the info but I was one of the lucky ones. I had some rash at the beginning but took someone's advice here and took a 2 day Tarceva vaca. Rash went away. I just have super super dry skin and the only thing that seems to help is soaking in moisture and then sealing it in - every day.

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