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Wednesday's Air


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Beautiful day here in Illinois :) It's about 50 degrees but feels like a heat wave!

Life sure is different here compared to California. My life is so very different now. I've been out 4 or 5 times helping cut down trees and splitting wood for the winter. We don't use the wood in the house, but we have a burner out in the shop building. Let me tell ya....I was so cold I thought my feet and hands would just freeze and fall off. Mind ya, those days it was about 12 degrees. I don't know why we can't do it in warmer months to get ready, but then, I'm still a city gal who doesn't know much about this country living.

I still haven't learned how to drive myself into Springfield so I can do some "real shopping". So many twists and turns through country roads before you can get to the highway just confuses me. I've always gotten lost easy anyway. LOL Wish I knew some women around here that could go with me sometime. Always being around men can get pretty depressing ya know?

Decided to make some beef jerky tomorrow. Never done it before so hope it turns out. Anyone here ever made it? Sure would like a few tips :)

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Hi Katie! I moved to the country and bought a home here. Population is only 600 in this little town. LOL

Even though I feel isolated here it's better than California was to me. When I first bought in CA it was a nice town and then when the housing market crashed and with all the foreclosures around me the banks were renting to some really bad people. I have no desire to move back there again.

I like the idea of a GPS to get myself into the larger cities here where I can shop. It's something I plan to look into soon :)

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