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Tuesdays air


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air here in NC is cold and wet... not real cold though but cool enough for a jacket.. we got rid of the spam it seems so everyone come back and start posting up again.. Miss reading up on everyone's thoughts and ideas and airs here..had a few new members posting up which was good. I am of to walk the mocha pupup and then some breakfast and couple of hours at work.. it seems in January everyone is sticking to their new years resolution to lose weight and save money so can not wait for that to end soon......Ling OL at my own jokes . :mrgreen: have a great day whatever your doing wherever you are and see you later.. :D

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Hi Randy! Sounds like you're having a heat wave compared to Illinois! It's currently 24 degrees here and actually dropped down to 10 degrees last night :( Good thing I have LOT"S of warm clothes this year. Last year I was prepared at all and boy was I miserable. Kinda miss the California weather!

I have to go babysit two little boys today. They both are autistic so I should have my hands full right? Their parents have a function to attend where it wouldn't be a good place for children.

House smells wonderful right now. I'm making pepper steak and rice so Russ will have food while I'm away. I wonder if there will be any left for me when I get home tonight? I doubt it :) Perhaps a drive thru place for me? LOL

Well, hope everyone is doing good today and I hope to see many many posts follow behind me!

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It is supposed to warm up during the day here this week - in the low 50s (I'll believe it when I see it) but still be very cold at night - down in the 20s. Michelle, I can understand why you miss the California weather. I feel badly for the homeless here as we've had two people die from the cold in the last week or so - one young man was only 21. There doesn't seem to be much available here locally for this sort of situation. There are a couple of shelters, and one or two "warming stations", but they don't take care of very many and it seems like we should be doing a better job.

I have a doctor's appt with a new primary care physician. I sure hope I like her. I got so tired of trying to find a good one I just gave it up -- but my oncologist keeps insisting that I need to do this so I am giving it another try.

Michelle - the pepper steak and rice sounds great. My husband thinks he's getting beef stew tonight -- but I didn't get it started in time so he's going to get a something quick out of the freezer. I'm afraid his poor taste buds are going to be in for a surprise :(

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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