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Challenges Abound, Yet We Remain Strong / by Juhi Kunde


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Challenges Abound, Yet We Remain Strong

January 14th, 2013 - by Juhi Kunde

http://blog.lungevity.org/2013/01/14/ch ... in-strong/

As we are starting a fresh year, it is natural to take a step back and survey the scene – past and present. How was last year? What chaos and wonders will this year bring?

As always, I look on the past year with a general sense of bewilderment and awe. We lost Whitney Houston, Andy Griffith and Ravi Shankar. And who could have imagined the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut? The year is never what we expect it to be.

But last year, even in the middle of all that uncertainty, we found happiness, courage and hope. I would have never thought that the San Francisco Giants would win another World Series so soon. We saw a magnificent display of talent at the London Olympics and we held another peaceful (and tight) presidential election.

This year, I see the challenges piling as high as the Rocky Mountains. We have healthcare worries, economic concerns and of course, a royal baby to worry about. Plus we all have our unique personal challenges looming ahead of us. In my family, we are expecting our own baby in April and we are helping a beloved family member fight cancer.

Despite my concerns for the coming year, I am filled with feelings of hope, confidence and determination because the people around me are not drowning in their worries. They are embracing the future and facing their challenges by taking steps to alleviate problems and improve their situations. People in their fifties are going back to school, parents are homeschooling their children, and a few families have joined health clubs while cancelling cable subscriptions.

For lung cancer survivors and caregivers, similar patterns are emerging. People are listening to scientific webinars, reading about clinical trials and taking charge of their treatment plans. They are stepping forward to become their own health care advocates and to raise lung cancer awareness.

Plus, with the help of determined volunteers, passionate supporters and skilled scientists, the lung cancer movement continues to gain momentum and brings us closer to major breakthroughs in early detection and treatment.

By continuing to actively participate in our lives, we are all facing the challenges that lie before us.Let’s rely on our communities, be resilient and not let our worries drown us. By working cooperatively we may just succeed in beating the odds.

Let’s all try to make 2013 the year we hope it’ll be.

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