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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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Good morning everyone! I am sorry I have been missing in action, having a hard time getting my self back to a routine...The chemo effects were just winding down when the holidays hit and the company came and...Anyway, I think I am getting my energy back more to normal now!

It is cold, 36 and very grey again. We got snow over night, only a couple of inches, which is melting, but ice on top so there were a lot of delayed openings. I have mentioned before that I hate being cold, but at least when the ground is covered with the beautiful white stuff, I can appreciate the beauty of winter.

I have to go over to my church in a bit to do some folding and mailing, then to a friends for a coffee date. I am trying to figure out something warm and cozy for dinner, but the cupboard is bare and I think between folding and visiting I will be too tired to make it to the grocery store also. I wish I was more organized and always had staples in the house to make a full meal!

Lily, you must be almost ready to head home. I know that feeling, you love where you are, but the thought of your own home, your own bed and bathroom are just so comforting! Safe travels!

Had scans last week, infusion yesterday, and back for more scans tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like I live at the hospital!! Luckily they have the BEST chocolate croissants in the coffee shop there!



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Hello everyone :) It's cold in Illinois....STILL ughhhh It's noon here and only 21 degrees. Glad there isn't any snow though. It seems to have melted away.

Went to babysit yesterday for two autistic boys. They are beautiful children but they sure are active! LOL When I got home last night I was so tired and couldn't wait to go to sleep. I'm going over again to help today but it won't be for very long. The family had a member pass away and don't want the children at the service which I certainly understand.

For those of you who are friends on FB you've probably seen pics of my puppy Sampson. He's 9 months old now and has learned to jump :-o He's fine going up but still scared to jump down. He keeps jumping up on my bed during the day and cries till I come in there and help him off. I don't like all this jumping so I better start putting a stop to it now I suppose.

I'm planning on doing some indoor painting soon. I picked out a beautiful color for one of the guest rooms. It's kinda the color of butterscotch. Think I'll start on it when it's too cold to leave the house.

Well, hope everyone has a great day :)

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Good morning everyone!

Janet, I know the feeling. I've also been kind of dragging since the holidays. My oxygen level really does a job on my stamina and since I get frustrated not being able to do what I've always been able to do -- I overdo it as I'm sure you do also. I have to admit I'm jealous -- you have an in-person support group AND chocolate croissants?! I may have to move :)

Michelle - haven't seen a picture of Sampson since he was really little -- would love to see him. It is really nice that you are able to babysit in this case. One of my grandsons is autistic and I know how grateful my son and his wife are when they have someone to watch him when they need it.

I've been thinking about Lily too - and hope the crazy weather hasn't caused any problems with her trip home. They said on the news last night that it might go down to Zero here at night this week --- this just never happens here! I usually take my dogs with me when I go out during the winter -- they love to go and quite often during the summer it's too hot. They can't understand why I'm not taking them - but I had them shaved down at Xmas and its been so cold I've had to leave them home.

Hope everyone has a warm, safe Wednesday.

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