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Thursdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just after 1am here in Scotland,not tired yet,despite all my exercising this morning.Temps here down to minus 5C (approx 7F).Heavy snow predicted for Friday,fingers crossed its dos'nt get too deep by the time it reaches Airdrie.

Busy week,yes again,yesterday at the SIGN group meeting in Edinburgh,they had sent me the completed report (1st draft) the management of patients with lung cancer,the purpose of the meeting was to review each submitted section,which was done in turn,my section Information to Patients was largely as was submitted by myself although they had left out a section Changes in Lifestyle,this was about smoking cessation,exercise and diet,after some discussion,everyone agreed this section should be reinstated, they also agreed with me to include a piece on clinical trials

Yesterday I also received an email from the guy(Jack) who filmed me at home some months ago for a project he was doing on people who had gone through a life changing experience.A series of DVDs will be produced to be used in secondary Schools throughout the UK to enable kids to see these films and comment on their contents as a class lesson.

Jack asked me to watch my film and return my comments

on it to him.I thought with his direction and editing skills it

made me look quite articulate and coherent,it was also a frank and honest account of the serious consequences that could result in taking up a career in smoking cigarettes,it would be just great if by seeing my film it stops even one child from taking up the habit.I will try to post the film here later, if there are no copyright issues attached to it.

One of my friends in the ABC died from breast cancer last Friday,she had lived with the disease for over three years,unfortuately it was'nt contained and she deteriorated until eventually Bob her husband was bringing her to church in a wheel chair,Anns funeral service is tomorrow.Friday I will miss my yoga class,I have been invited into Anniesland College for a gourmet meal,cooked and served by the catering students,always scrumptous,and at a cost of £7.50 a bargain,there goes the diet again.Diet gone again on Saturday morning,its mens breakfast time,I do the serving cleaning up and drying the dishes,but I also get,the full fry up,bacon,eggs,sausage,tattie scones etc,1 million calories/plate.

Janet before I go off to bed,best wishes with the scan tomorrow, er today?.Bye everyone.

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Good afternoon everyone! I just got in from my MRI, it was a long one! I treated myself to a chocolate croissant afterwards! On my way home I bought a new pocket planner. I remember when I bought the last one, it was a two year planner and I told my oncologist that he had to keep me alive two years because of it! Well, I bought another two year one!

Eric, you are getting so famous! And more importantly you are such an amazing spokesperson for lung cancer. Thank you for all you do. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend.

Michelle, can you post a picture of Sampson here? I would love to see him!

Diane, I am blessed to live so close to Yale, the croissants are just the icing on the cake! I would love to have you move to CT, I bet we would have fun together! My son was just out your way, he went to Seattle and Portland. He couldn't get over how friendly everyone was there.

Well, the hospital always exhausts me, so I am going to curl up with a snack and my crocheting and ignore the dog hair that needs to be swept up and the dishes that need to be done. Oh, and I just started watching Downton Abbey on Hulu. I know it is season three, I am a little late, but I started with the first episode, I am on episode 5 and I am hooked! Sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

peace everyone!!

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