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Fridays Air


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Good Morning everyone!

Happy Friday!

Janet, when do you get your scan results? PRayers for you and looking forward to the good news.

Michelle, how is the weather? Did you get the GPS yet? Pic of the puppy please- everyones dying to see!

Diane, I hope you get some renewed energy...the holidays do tend to run us down...which is a shame when the true meaning of them is supposed to lift us up. I'm still running on empty and I'm not on oxygen. ((hugs))

Eric, you remain so busy! I am so proud of your advocacy adn all that you continue to do socially as well. Wish I could come for a visit to your neck of the woods one of these days...


How are you? How's treatment going? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please know that this is your forum too and we are here to help you.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE. Keep posting...that's where the HOPE happens.


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Happy Friday everyone!

Boy Katie you have been busy on the forums today! I have answered one of your posts, I will work on the others later - very thought provoking, conversation starter questions!! If you haven't noticed on FB, Lillian is having trouble logging on and getting frustrated, I suggested she email you, thought maybe you could diagnose the problem?!

My scans were...ok. I have several spots of new growth again, but they are all very small. None of my growth is large enough to test for mutations for optimal treatment. Good thing/ bad thing! Anyway, we are just going to keep an eye on them and retest in 6 weeks. The good news is there has been so much research done and there are several options out there for my next treatment plan, but for now we continue with the Tarceva and Avastin and prayers!

I just got in from the farm. It was so cold!! 27 degrees and windy. The goats, sheep, and chickens were all huddled up together looking miserable. The ducks and horses seemed to be loving it! (Well, ducks are just generally high on life, have you ever seen a sad duck?) I am so glad to finally be back there. I missed it, the kids and the animals and the people who run the farm are very good medicine for me. It is a healing place.

I came home expecting a warm house, but there was something wrong with the furnace and the heat was off. it is slowly warming up now but I am typing this wearing a hat, scarf and fingerless gloves, under a down comforter! I plan on a very lazy afternoon, the farm is a lot of activity for me and I am exhausted, so I think some cocoa, crochet and Downton Abbey are the plan. There is dog hair everywhere, if I just don't look down I won't notice it and can ignore the vacuuming that needs to be done!

If you are reading this and you haven't posted on this forum yet or haven't in a while, please join in the conversation! This is where we just kind of keep in touch about about our lives and we would love to get to know you!!



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Good afternoon everyone.

Janet - I wish for you that your scans were Perfect -- but OK is a good thing as well. I know sometimes it seems to me like research and new treatments are sooo slow in coming, but in reality in just the 4 years since my current dx there have been so many new options, and more coming all the time. So much better than it used to be. The farm sounds wonderful and I can see why you love it. When I was younger I had a horse or two at a nearby stable - and I will never forget how cold it was out there in the barn during the winter! I laughed when I read about the dog hair -- I have two, so double it and you can get an idea. I had them clipped down, but that only helps a little for a short time. I usually don't wear my glasses in the house. I can get by without them unless I'm watching tv or reading, and it makes things just fuzzy enough that I don't see the "details" -- and that makes me happy!!

Katie - I haven't checked the other forums yet, but I will. I'm supposed to be working, but am having a hard time keeping my mind on it this afternoon. I second Janet's thanks!

Our weather is very cold as well. It keeps spitting snow, but doesn't stick. Everything was covered in frost though - very pretty but not so good to drive on. I am very grateful I can work from home and don't have to be out too early in the morning. I've been looking at gardening catalogs -- and am so ready for spring.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Hi everyone! Got a late start getting here today. I went out to lunch with Russ's mom today. She's the sweetest woman you could ever meet. She calls me her daughter and I call her momma.....sweet huh?

Janet...I didn't know you lived on a farm with all those animals :) Must be wonderful. I have 4 outside cats, i inside cat and a sheltie. Just those keep me jumping constantly! The cats are all so fat they waddle when they walk. But then, I cook for them too. They love people food!

Katie....yes I see your posts. What a great idea to get more conversation going here. I really hope it helps bring more conversation from our new members :)

Weather is today isn't too bad. It's in the mid 30's but I hear there is a big cold front coming in from Canada in a couple days. The news says night time temps for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to drop below zero....can you believe that? I made sure I'm stocked up on food so I don't have to leave the house for many many days!

I would like to post a picture of Sampson here. I've never done it before but will give it a try.

Have a great day everyone!

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Oh, Michelle, I don't live on a farm. That would be wonderful!! I volunteer on a farm a few days a week. It is a horse and donkey rescue farm. We have lots of other farm animals and some "not really farm animals". ( a couple of Sulcata tortoises, and a Zeedonk!) that have been rescued. In addition to animal rescue and rehabilitation the farm also does therapeutic programs for us humans! The farm runs a preschool program to introduce preschoolers to the animals and I help run that. It is a warm, caring, healing place for anyone who visits. It has been huge in keeping my attitude positive, spirits high, and forcing me out in the fresh air and moving! http://www.rayoflightfarm.org/

Now that I know Sampson is a Sheltie I REALLY want to see a picture! I love Shelties and if I were ever to get another dog, that would be my choice!

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