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Whats the one thing you would like to share with someone who's new to this lung cancer journey as a caregiver/family member/loved one of someone diagnosed with lung cancer ?

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The one thing I would like to tell those who read our posts and perhaps are hesitant to post themselves is that we here at LCSC are "family". There are members here who have walked your journey and know how you feel. We want to help in anyway that we can.

I joined in 2009 and was also a bit hesitant to post at first. I spent many hours reading about others. I was living a nightmare not understanding what was happening to my husband. When I finally got the courage to actually start chatting they all came to my rescue and helped me more than I can ever say. The doctors my husband had never wanted to explain much to me and I had so many questions. They not only helped me in that respect, they truly sent me the virtual hugs that I needed.

I can honestly say that I don't know how I would have survived emotionally without my wonderful "family at lcsc". I love you all :)

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