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It took me five years to finally post "My Story". I wish I hadn't waited so long, I thought about it many times before, but it seemed a daunting task and I wondered if any one would really want to read it. I am so glad I finally did post it, for two reasons.

First - I think it was a help to people. For the newly diagnosed, I think it is helpful to read another's journey, see that there are struggles, yes, but also successes. See that others have gone through what you are going through and survived it. See that there is hope. For others who have gone through or are going through treatment, I think it is very helpful to look through these stories and find someone who is going through the same treatment or using the same drug. Not only to read their struggles and successes with it, but to have someone to connect through either through the forums or private messaging, to get help with treatment questions.

The second reason I am glad I finally wrote My Story - it was a help to me. Writing down the story of my diagnosis and treatment was very cathartic. I wrote, deleted, wrote again, remembered, cried a bit, laughed some got angry, was grateful and felt stronger.

If you haven't written your story yet, give it a try. Make an attempt and you will see, the words will come. Just start at the beginning. Write not just about the medical stuff, but the emotional stuff too. Your story can help so many others that are looking through these forums, people who are new and need hope and people who are old timers and need help. But your story will also help you - write about it, take ownership of it. With ownership comes some power. We have the power to live with this disease and to live with it with hope.

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Janet - like you I keep thinking about it and wonder if it would be of any help. But I do intend to - and intend to get it done soon. I know when I joined I read everyone's stories -- even the ones that were quite different from mine still made me feel like I wasn't alone out there and that was huge. For many of us the only lung cancer support we get is on line. There is only one lung cancer survivor that I can talk to "in person" - and I met her driving her to treatment. The only other support is this Lungevity and Cancer Grace.

I will get working on it. Thanks for taking the time to write yours.

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