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Do you celebrate?


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Since the cancer center I go to is a 75 minute drive on a good day, we will usually stop for dinner on the was home after a good appt. The better the news, the better the place. A chain restaurant is the "no news is good news and I'm hungry" or a fave slightly pricier that we only ever pass after an appt and "we got good news so let's stop and celebrate" has happened too.

I also have to post on my FB page after most big appts cuz I just get tired of repeating myself 100 times. It amazes me that some people seem feel like I owe them a special report at every turn. I had a pal complain that she couldn't keep up cuz she doesn't do FB. I explained to her that as much as I loved her, I could not always remember to send her an email during treatment & stuff and that she either had to contact me or get news thru a third party. You would have thought I told her to go to *ell. Oh well, now that things have settled we keep in touch like we did before I "got too busy for her".

I can't wait to see more answers here :-)

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Mary, like you, I had to travel to Seattle (8 hour drive) for my scans until about a year ago. I would have the scan late morning, and had to wait until the next morning for the report - that gave us the whole afternoon and evening to kill in a hotel room stressing out about the results. So while it was a bit early to celebrate the results - I got into the habit of spoiling myself just for getting through the trip and the scan. We would have lunch at a fabulous place on the water with the best chowder and sourdough bread I've ever had, and then we would go to a movie. Seattle also has a really cool movie theater. Then the next morning after getting the results - if they were good and we were feeling upbeat, we would stop at an outlet center on the way back home - a treat for me, not necessarily for my husband :)

I admit that now that I am back home having my scans we have kind of let the celebrating go and it is just another day. A more stressful day of course. I have one coming in April, and thanks to Katie's posting this I think I will definitely try to plan some celebration if the news is good. Survival is something to celebrate.

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Survival IS something to celebrate! Whether it's good news, a pivital step in treatment, finishing treatment, or getting good test results---

You can even celebrate having a good day- feeling good- doing "normal" things.

In our support group we even celebrate a clean house day, a productive laundry day and days when you can go fishing again because you're strong enough to cast the fishing rod again.

Little steps, little victories to large ones--they are all something be celebrated. And the celebration doesn't need to be big...Oh yes it can be party, a fancy dinner, get-togethers and gifts, but celebrations can be small too- a round of applause from your support group, a card, flowers, or having a glass of wine with your usual dinner, a cupcake with a sparkly candle on a day that is NOT your birthday.

Something to signify, "I made it. I did it. Today is a good day."

Keep posting your ideas here! They will really help others!



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