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My birthday "portrait" LOL

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Me and my smallest pup, Jack. He is half Jack Russel and half Shih Tzu, so we named him Jack Sh*t :lol:

The hats are 2 of my birthday presents. Yes, hats plural. The lil clip above my ear is holding a lil purple hat with black lace veil and purple feathers. Told ya I was a purple-aholic Hehehee.

I chose this pic even tho it's not the best one, because you can just barely see one the left side of the pic, how LONG my hair is now! My avatar is from 5/12, almost a year after the middle of chemo, which ended 6/12. Here it is Jan 13 and it's almost down to my armpits!!


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Thank you all! I have always been silly and a purple lover. I also always kinda liked hats, but the collection of loud ones, big ones, bright ones and anything attention getting got a bit out of hand with treatment. What can I say other than ~ Don't wanna cry, so gotta laugh! Hehehee

Katie, what's your Jacks name?

Jack is our baby @ 4 years in April. We sort of adopted him from a pal who owned one of the parents. She wanted to keep him but hubby said no. Then our re-rescue, Tramp, is 6 next month. He is a Springer Spaniel lookin mutt. The first family that rescued him decided they had to return him, but no one from the shelter could go get him, so we did and kept him even tho he was a challenge. Our oldest is, Lady Godiva, named by hubs for "Lady" in Lady & the Tramp (Hence Tramp's name) and Godiva for her chocolate color. We bought her at 6 month old from a puppy store that said she was getting to old to sell and guilted us into it. She is a full bred Cocker but due to bits of white in her coat she wouldn't be a good show dog or breeder so not many wanted her. She is the Alpha puppy even as I am the Alpha B*tch. Hehehee.

We also acquired a 6 year old, 140 pound St Bernard on Monday who we are fostering. His mommy has her grand baby in the house and the grand baby was bitten by her mommies dog. That dog was put down and a new puppy in the house was given away. Winston is huge, sweet and cute, but not a puppy so he was harder to find a place for, esp since his mommy wants him back. Right now the judge in family court said the lil girl could not go home if ANY dog is there. Hope is the baby and her parents will soon have a home of there own so Winston can go back home.

WOW! I do babble, don't I? Eh, if you read this far, thanks. If not, oh well. LOL

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