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Thursday's Air


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Hi everyone! It's 11am here and it's 10 degrees :( I have warm coats but not gloves....so perhaps I should go shopping!

I have a hair appt today for a color. I'm thinking about having my hair cut into a bob with some golden high lights.....maybe it will make me look younger?

Russ loves clam chowder so I'll be making that when I get home. Hopefully I won't freeze before that!

Not much else happening here, but then not much ever does in this tiny town. LOL

Have a great day!

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Good afternoon! We are warm compared to you Michelle, it is 17 here! Needless to say I am not venturing outside! This new skinny chemo body of mine feels the cold even worse than it did before! Crazy, but they are saying it will be 50 next week.

I am jealous of the new style you are going for Michelle! The Tarceva really wrecked my hair, it is coarse and kinky it sticks straight up and refuses to grow AND I have several bald spots. It is lovely! Ha ha! I just can't bring myself to getting a wig, it seems like it would be so uncomfortable, like wearing a hat all the time. So, I just go for the crazy lady look!

I am making soup for dinner also, chicken tarragon. I really really don't like soup but my husband loves it and we had a roast chicken the other night, so I will grin and bear it! There IS icecream for dessert!

I am headed back up to the guest room to continue purging my craft supplies. I used to do a lot of felting, folk art painting and stamping to sell and give as gifts, but I really kind of stopped when I was diagnosed so I think it is time to clean out most of it. It is hard to do though. A crafter always has in the back of her head that she could use that some day!

Stay warm everyone!


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I'm feeling guilty - it's practically tropical here it seems. My cell phone says 54. Not sure where it came from since it was freezing two days ago, but I'm not complaining.

Michelle and Janet -- your guys are sure lucky, my guy unfortunately is getting frozen Safeway meatloaf :( . I had planned to make homemade calzones - but after I got started found I didn't have everything I needed (when am I going to learn to make sure I have all the ingredients before starting?). I used to make big pots of soups and stews and freeze some - but haven't had the stamina to do that in awhile. I do love clam chowder - but have never tried to make it. Maybe I'll give that a try next week.

Janet I was never happy wearing a wig. I have friends who wear them all the time since chemo and you never see their real hair. I know Tarceva is in a class all its own when it comes to hair. Even after standard chemo my hair did not return the way it had been -- and it is now much much thinner and the texture is coarser. I'd sure like to have my old hair back -- but I guess it's a small price to pay. On the plus side it has saved me a lot of money -- no more color, perms, hilights etc.

Well I'd better get to defrosting that meatloaf :)

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Just checked in before going to bed and saw your reply Janet about a wig. I never took chemo since it was my husband who was taking it, but after he passed I lost ALL of my own hair. I suppose it was nerves. But I ended up buying a wig and it was really nice. It took a little time getting used to but I loved the idea of the style already done for me. I have since grown my own hair back and sometimes now I look at that wig and think about wearing it again. :)

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