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Stage IV, 5 Year Survivor, No Way!!!


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It was January 29th 2008. 5 years ago the surgeon told Tom he had stage 4 lung cancer. 5 years ago Tom asked the surgeon how much time he had. The surgeon said without treatment we won't be having this conversation this time next year. So Tom said I guess we better do the treatment. 5 years ago we went to the oncologist who stepped out of the box. 5 years ago. Where did the time go? There by the grace of God lives Tom. Thomas Murphy is officially a 5 year, Stage IV NSCLC Lung Cancer survivor. He took a licking but he keeps on ticking.post-14661-141270980058_thumb.jpg

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Great news, and so happy for Tom. I am a new member and the one thing that truly amazes me is the knowledge everyone has concerning their cancer. I am a stage IV survivor presently undergoing second round of chemo. Cancer discovered back in 08, had lower right lung removed and went through chemo at that time. I look at most of the postings and see every scan people have had and complete description of their treatment, makes me feel like a dummy. I wish I had discovered this site back when I was first diagnosed, think I would have been much better prepared for treatment options. Again so happy for Tom and will keep everyone posted on my progress.

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