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Tuesday Air- HOPE SUMMIT


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Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that two great things were released today

1) The new online Survivor Resource Center on this website. It's amazing. Check it out and SHARE it when you can http://events.lungevity.org/survivors/index.html


2) HOPE Summit 2013 Registration. I hope all of you will come this year. It will be amazing.


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Good morning Katie and everyone else who drops by. I am so hoping that more people will join us today. I think we can all use a little fresh "air". Busy day ahead for me trying to get back into things.

Most of you who see me on facebook know that I have been dealing with a few issues. I am having a lot of nerve pain in my right leg and hip due to sciatica that is most likly caused from athritis. I try to keep moving as much as I can and that does seem to relieve the pain. I also had my teeth that hold my partial break right at the gum. So far no pain but Friday I will try and see the dentist. Still trying to figure out how I am going to pay for new bottom dentures. Guess I will just trust that it will work out. Seems like things pile up but God always finds a way for me to make it through the problems.

Weather here is supposed to be great all week a little warmer in the 60s and dry. I hope all of you are blessed with good weater and avoid the violent storms that seem to always be threatening back in the mid west, south and east.

Well I have to run for now. Come on people let's get this forum up and running again.

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Hi everyone!

I am SO glad to have you back Lillian! I am also so glad you are home safely, sorry it is not home problem free, but you are right, put your trust in God, and it will all work out.

Katie, I hope the storm you posted on Facebook is not bad and you are all safe. I remember some crazy storms when I lived in Houston.

My day started at the farm, which is always a good way to start the day. Only 3 children showed up so it was very laid back and non-stressful. I am still not up to giving the tour of the farm, too much walking and catching of animals for my energy level, hopefully soon, as that is the best part.

After the farm I had to drive out to Home Depot for supplies for the ongoing "bathroom redo". And on the way home I stopped by my hairdressers. This has been a big issue for me. My hair is a mess from the Tarceva. Wirey, bald in spots, etc. On most days I don't let it bother me. I avoid mirrors and ignore it. It really only bothers me when I am going someplace nice. One place it really bothers me though is at the hairdressers. A whole place filled with women with beautiful hair, getting it made even more beautiful. So, I avoid it and haven't been in over a year. That means my hair now has bald spots AND strands that are several inches long! Classy look. In fact today someone told me I was wearing the "Donald Trump"! So, on the way home from Home Depot, I stopped, sat in the car for 15 minutes to get up my nerve and finally went in. I am not kidding, I swear I was having a minnie panic attack! My hairdresser is so sweet though, she put me right at ease and managed to somehow make it look like I meant to be bald in the back and curly on the top! Wish I had gone sooner. :wink:

Have a good evening everyone!



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Hi Lily. Janet and Katie;

Happy end of Monday! Katie, I like your new page, it should make it easier to navigate the site and find the section(s) that you want to see. Also, you said you thought that you had gotten ride of the trolls and it looks like you did ... thanks so much. I have been staying away from this page (and some of the others) because of them, so it really is a pleasure to see that people are visiting again.

Janet I am so glad that you had a good experience with your hairdresser today. I really feel for you re the hair, as VERY thin hair after age 55 runs in my family, and for now anyway I refuse to do the wig thing and hats are not flattering to me, so I put up with the balding spots at the crown and back of my head. I just pretend that if I can't see I won't let it bother me. But right now I totally feel Donald Trump-ish so you have given me a good attitude toward get the long bits cut off. Both my aunt and my mother started to wear wigs, but that was back a long time ago, and they didn't worry about needing "wash and wear" hair, they took the wigs in every week to have them washed and set. For me, that just seems terribly wasteful!

Lily I am very glad that you are home safely, and I certainly hope that your hip pain and arthritis feels better very soon. At least you'll be back in your own bed, and that always makes mine feel better. I had a hip replacement about 6 years ago so my one hip is a lot better than it used to be, but it still isn't great, so sleeping on my own mattress, (which I selected for my personal comfort)seems to give me just the right amount of support for my hip and it always makes me feel better within a few days getting back to it.

Not much news here, it has been a pretty quiet but stunningly cold January. We had a dump of snow on Sunday-Monday, which thrilled my puppy (he went for a long "gallop" all around the back yard about 10 times yesterday and today (I think I spent more time keeping an eye on him than doing anything else!) and had a wonderful time rootling in the snow. Tomorrow I have both the gas and the electric people in (just replaced my old furnace and A/C so they have to replace my gas meter and check the safety of the electric connections so I shall likely be stuck inside all day, but the forecast is for rain and I have a ton of stuff to do on the computer anyway, so it may not be too bad just to stay inside. I sense a pizza for dinner as I haven't been shopping for 10 days or so. Just got my Xmas VISA bill in, and I rather wish I had waited to see it (before I put in the new furnace) but I did get the high efficiency models so am now eligible for a govt. rebate of $700.00 and the company will give a $600.00 deduction, and the company swears I should save about $100.00 a month on my gas bill (oh really??? we'll see!). At any rate I would have had to do it before I sold the house (not planning to do that right now, but who knows what the next few years may bring) so it should last me until I move out, one way or another!

Katie, I'll do my best to write you a few lines (or at minimum a few key points!) tomorrow. I think it would be great if we could get more Canadian information and users. While all LC survivors/caregivers are in the same boat, I really feel badly for the Canadians and some of the close-to=the-border Americans who may want to get into a Canadian trial or consultation or even just to know what treatments are available/approved up here rather than in the States; just as I am very pleased to hear what's going on south of the border!

Take care, all, and I send you the best for Groundhog Day, whether you follow Wiarton Willy or Pucksatawney (sp?) Pete! I love Groundhog Day ... makes me think that spring is on its way.

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