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Wednesday's Air


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Hi everyone! Hope you're having a good day.

Ohhhh it's so cold here! Wind and rain with snow expected tomorrow with a low of 10 degrees :(

Our pup Sampson had a bubble bath yesterday and a blow dry. He looks so much better. Still fighting with a few episodes of going potty in the house but a big improvement. I tried posting a picture of him in the photo section but it kept failing. I'll try again soon.

Don't plan on leaving the house for the next few days with this cold but I stocked up on lot's of food. I just love cooking this time of year :)

Having a blast with a new game on Fb....don't thnk I'll ever catch up to Randy though. I think he has a secret he hasn't shared with me. Randy darlin????? Please spill?? LOL

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Good Evening Everyone,

Greetings from a blustery, wet Scotland,it has got a bit milder this week, 8-10 deg C,think thats around 45-50s F,I have never got used to the centigrade scale since the UK went over to the metric system in the 1970s.The worst of the weather,heavy snowfalls in England,Wales and about everywhere in Scotland but my little enclave on the West Coast,now that its milder,we are getting reports of flooding all over the UK.

I am still gymming,swimming and yoga-ing, I was at my niece Lynsey's 21st birthday party last Saturday,it was tinged a bit with sadness since her Mum,my youngest sister Linda had passed away last Nov.Linda had made all the arrangements for the party,booking Cumbernaulds new town hall,organising the buffet and the DJ.All the usual suspects were there,so a great time was had by one and all.

Missed my indoor bowling last night,I was called to a training session at Motherwell Theatre,it was a feedback session on the Panto season,seems the front of house staff had received lots of email compliments from the public about how well we had added to an enjoyable evening out.We had been unknowingly been selected by Disablement Scotland to survey how well we looked after disabled patrons,our manager was pleased to report,that the patrons experience was first class from the moment they arrived at the Theatre until they left.We had some fun acting out some scenarios aimed at dealing with problems that may arise with patrons in the Theatre,not everyone participated,everyones name was put into a hat,then a victim would be randomly drawn from it,yes,I was a victim,my scenario,this meeting was held in the theatre,I had to demonstrate,escorting a patron (manager) to her seat,so far so good,upon sitting down,she rises immeadiately to scream, her seat is soaking wet,what am I going to do about it,boy,did she stay in character,think I will nominate her for the academy awards.It was a good evening with lots of fun too.

I went into the supermarket for some groceries today,I went to the Deli,to buy a roast chicken from the hot counter,the assistant asked,would you like one from the hot plate of the table behind you?,whats the difference? I enquire,well all the chickens are exactly the same,although they are £5.49 from the hot plate,but £4.49 from the table.guess which one I took?.We have a purchase tax called VAT in the UK,its set at 20% on all purchases,there are exemptions eg,food and childrens clothes,however this Government decided to put VAT on prepared hot cooked food,this is the supermarkets way of avoiding customers having to pay the tax.

Dinner time,got to go,enjoy the rest of today everyone,bye for now.

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It is sure nice to see people visiting here again. Weather here is beautiful, clear and cool but not really cold with a little wind. After the weather in Louisiana it is so great to get back to the weather here in California. For some reason it can be the same temperature and even the same humidity and I freeze there and have my windows open here. Crazy!!

I had an early morning doctor visit. Just my regular checkup and scheduled blood work. She told me to keep doing what I am already doing for my back hip and leg problem. I have had back problems off and on for years but this time it is not going off. From what I feel in my lower back and hip I am thinking it is the same as my neck athritis!

It was sure nice to have a car to drive again. I always miss it while I am gone and seem to always come back to battery problems even though someone always runs it for me while I am gone. This it the second time they have had to replace this battery. The first time it was after a year. this time it has been 2 years and 2 weeks. Just my luck that the full replacement warrenty ran out on the 15th so I had to pay $55 for the prorate. If I could afford to I would just skip that and go to Les Schwab and get a new one. Not such luck right now. I am still trying to figure out how the get my dental work done. No insurance and no money after my trip and dead battery.

It sure is good to be back here with my original user name and so many good friends. Still not sure why I could get on before sense my password had never changed. Thinking maybe the cap lock was on and I hadn't noticed.

At any rate it is good to be back. Take care everyone and stay safe in that bad weather back in all of those places.

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I'm glad to see so many here. I know I've haven't been around a lot but just have not been feeling well. My pulmonary doctor is always 4 months out - doesn't matter what's wrong with you - but I finally called yesterday and demanded that someone see me. So they got me in to see a PA and they now have me starting on a 12-day course of Prednisone, which I am not looking forward to very much, but if it helps I guess it'll be worth it. Then in another hour or so I have an appt with my onc. I feel like I should stop by and see the dentist too while I'm at it :) Our dog Cody, who has lymphoma and has been doing pretty well, doesn't seem to be feeling very chipper either.

Weather here is 45-50 but dreary, dreary, dreary! Air is bad again as well -- which may be one of the reasons I'm not feeling so well. Although it seems everyone I talk to is sick, was sick, or is getting sick.

I got really ambitious reading about all the cooking Michelle is doing and was going to make some fancy new stew recipe -- but somehow now that dinner is looming I am running out of steam. I have a feeling I will be stopping by some take out place on my way home from the oncologist's office.

At least it is now one day closer to spring!!

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Oh Diane, please feel better soon!

Hi all!! I am glad to see so much activity in the past several days. When I got here it was hard for me to find active threads (I also wasn't good at looking yet ~ but I found the "New Posts" link since then LOL)

I'm not happy so many are here, but happy that those who are here are posting =D

This grumpy wheather tore 2 pieces of siding off the house and hubby only found one :(

Out to dinner soon with an old pal. Only my 2nd outting without that terrible neck/torso brace.

OH! I haven't been here this week. Allowed to leave the brace off ALL the time now unless I want it on! YAY ME!!

Have a great day/weekend!!


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