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Super Bowl air


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So what is everyone doing today? What team are you rooting for? Not much of football but will watch because of the Niners. San Francisco having two world champion teams within a few months sounds pretty good to me. My kids on the other hand don't like the niners, guess it has something to do with them beating them in the playoffs last year.

Cooking a lunch I can eat and not have to chew too much. Sweet and Sour meat loaf, doctored up pork and beans and home made biscuits. Later I will have a butter roll I made from my mama's recipe. I will worry about diet and colesteral another day.

Have a good one everyone and those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in California and enjoy our beautiful weather stay warm. Sorry about that dig but it is so beautiful I just have to brag :lol:

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Well I'd brag too! Last I looked it was stil in the hi 30s-and NO sun anywhere :(

I'm trying not to think about food too much, but I know sometimes you just want some of that good old comfort food. A homemade butter roll sounds soooo good.

We are also rooting for the Niners - what else can we do so close to SF? Our youngest son is a Niner fanatic, but the other two are equally fanatical about the Cowboys -- and they HATE the Niners and vice-versa. When I told the older two they should at least root for the Niners since the Cowboys were not in the game you would have thought I'd asked them to commit an unforgiveable crime! I'm still going to go do some shopping and probably catch the last quarter - that will do it for me.

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