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Wednesday's air


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Hi Eric glad to see you stop by. I come everyday to check but it seems that we just can't get back up to where we were when we had Judy with us.

I went out early for blood work and now am sitting here enjoying my second cup of coffee. I just can't seem to function good until I have at least 2 cups so blood work days are not my favorite!

Eric I did see that story about king Richard. It is very interesting. I really like that kind of thing. I guess because in my mind it is linked with History and I have always been a history buff.

Weather here is great. It gets pretty cool at night and early morning but I don't usually go out in it. My windows all face east so I get the early morning sun and my apartment is warm without putting the heater on. I don't like to run the heater because I always feel like my head is stuffed up when it is on.

I have been trying to get back in to a normal routine. It is sure hard after being gone for so long and with the issues I have been having with back and legs. I seem to have a lot of athritis because I can feel it move in my back from my neck all the way down and also in my hips and knees. I try to do some exercises each day and that along with the heating pad and Ibeprophin seem to help enough to keep me going. Well I need to get off of here and get some things done. Have a good day everyone and if you are lurking stop in and say hello.

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