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Friday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Special hello to Lillian,good to see you back,you are so right about JudyKW not forgetting so many others who used to contribute regularly to Just For Fun,happy times,now you feel you are having a monologue,so dear reader,if you are not a regular postee to here,why not? jump in the waters lovely,it can bring a bit of happiness to someone who may be feeling a wee bit down at the moment.I know this from experience,on several occassions in the past just reading everyones posts cheered me up no end.Sermon over.

Was working last night,at the Motherwell Theatre,front of house,I had no idea what I was covering,turned out it was the musical Oliver,really good production,I am back tomorrow at 1.30pm for the matinee.Talking about music,Glasgow is having a new venue built,its a super duper theatre/arena,bit like the Colliseum in Rome,completely circular in plan it is being called The Hydro ,anyway my young sister sent me a link to be put on the theatres mailing list,one advantage by doing so,you get your choice of seats two days before the general public,well I do like a good seat,the main attraction on the link was Andre Rieu,he is coming to Glasgow in December,well I got onto the link to book my seats,guess what,half the blocks of seats were already gone??,corporate hospitality obviously got 2 days advance warning prior to my two days advantage grrr.Anyway I did book a couple of good seats in what I could make of the floor plan provided,a bargain for a new theatre £184 ($270 approx),well, what the heck its Christmas time.

I have posted here before about my remarkable buddy Robert Lowe,the UKs longest duel lung cancer survivor,he celebrates his 20th year of survival this year,well we met up at the lung cancer survivors support group meeting on Wednesday,he had some bad news for us,I knew previously his doctors had discovered he had cancerous tumours in his stomach and his throat,Robert was convinced it was still curable if he got surgery,however he told the group that his lung function test feedback was his lungs were not up to surviving such an arduous operation.I was so disapointed for him,I mentioned cyberknife,his doctors brushed that option aside,since Robert had already suggested it,Scotland dos'nt have such a machine,England apparently has a few?,Robert sent me the following day a story about these machines being underused so many patients being denied access due to government cut backs,seems each time its used costs about £10,000,which is strange since patients can have access to drugs like Iressa and Tarceva which are even more expensive? who can understand politics?.Good news,Robert had his lung function test redone,and his performance was 30% better than the previous.He had asked his doctors for a second test,since he offered to go on a intensive exercise programme for a few weeks,and it worked,what a survivor he is,so he is having a operation on both his stomach and throat on Monday,I did wish Robert best wishes for a successful op and speedy recovery.

Got to,time to sit back and watch some TV before bed,bye for now.

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hi everyone!

I have been missing from the air for about a week. We can blame the "great bathroom fiasco of 2013". In case you don't remember - the toilet broke, needed to buy a new one. While pulling out the old one, realized we hadn't painted behind it, had to get new paint. New toilet and new paint in a room with 24 year old linoleum? New tile purchase. Pulling out the vanity to install tile caused damage, new vanity. Aw heck, might as well get new light fixtures! Anyway, none of this was planned and my husband is a very slow worker, so the house is in a state of total chaos. My job in all of this, is shopping for the items and painting the bathroom and that will explain my absence! I still don't have my energy level back up to par, so I paint a little, nap a little, paint a little, shop a little, nap a lot! I JUST finished! Now to wait for my husband to do his part! Not a lot of confidence there, he built this house 24 years ago and he still hadn't finished putting in the baseboard in this bathroom!

Right now we are having a kind of major blizzard. I bought all the food for the weekend, and plan to just hunker in. Unfortunately my son was supposed to come home this weekend but all the trains, planes and buses have been cancelled, and they just closed the highway. I really miss my kids and was excited to have him here.

Eric, I am sorry to hear about your friend. I will say a prayer for a successful surgery.

As for King Richard, of course we know about the discovery! For a country that was founded on escaping the British Monarchy, we are very enamored with it! Kind of odd to think of a King buried under a parking lot.

Lillian, I hope you are feeling better and the pain is easing up. I have to tell you that I am in awe of you, even in pain, you do so much more in one day then I could ever hope to!

I will try to be better about stopping by. I need to just make it part of my morning routine!


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Hi there Eric and Janet, So sorry to hear about your buddy Robert, I hope he conquers this like he always has.

Janet, if I lived closer, I'd give you a hand with that bath. I know all too well how those things go, might as well do this, do that, it all adds up quickly. I'm sure it will look great when it's done. The baseboard will be the icing on the cake. Take it easy with this storm, stay away from shovels, please. The storm just grazed us, got an inch, that"s it. We are overdue for a big one, glad this one missed us. sounds like a monster of a storm. good luck everybody up there.

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