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Monday's Air


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Good morning everyone!

I hope all of you had a nice, warm and safe weekend!

Nice to hear from Janet and that she is well after the

"big storm". Those of is in the south have experienced some severe rain storms and some tornados in the deep south too. I'm hoping all of you are ok and check in to let us know.

Eric, I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and swift recovery.

Michelle, hope russ had a good birthday and you had a great and peaceful weekend.

as for the rest of you- check in and let us hear from you!



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Good morning!

Well, we are just about dug out! The town has plowed all the roads, but only one lane each, so travel is slow, they are working on the second lane now. By some miracle they plowed our road also - it is private and isn't normally plowed by the town. I think maybe they were told there were two women on the street that needed quick access to doctors (my neighbor is very ill with systemic sclerosis). The cancer card played again! Then, after church a friend's son came over and helped my husband shovel the driveway. That was a huge relief since Charlie was insisting on doing the whole thing himself and I was sure he was going to have a heart attack. New Haven, which is where my cancer center is, got 36 inches and the hospital is only open for emergencies. that means no support group tonight, don't know what it means for my Avastin infusion tomorrow. I have to say, we took a drive after church yesterday and it is actually more than beautiful! The trees are all covered and bent over, the icicles are huge, everything is glistening, and then the blue of the Long Island Sound, it is breathtaking.

Katie, I heard you were getting colder weather this week! My daughter's boyfriend is in the Army in San Antonio and she is going down this week for a visit. She was complaining that it was 80 last week and going to be freezing when she gets there! Of course she is in Boston, which got hit very badly, so anything will seem better!

I hope everyone is doing well, Happy Belated Birthday Lillian!

Peace, Janet

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Janet nice to hear that you are dug out. I saw on the news that a lot of people up your way are voluntering to dig people out. I always say bad situations bring out the best in most people :D

Katie I hear you about that weather. I think that is why my family get sick so often. Louisiana is just as bad with that up and down if not worse. My daughter and daughter in law are supposed to ride in the Cleopatra parade in Houma tonight if the weather doesn't get violet. If it is just rain they will ride and you would be surprised how many people turn out even in the rain!

Beautiful here. Cool in the 30s at night but highs in 60s or 50s most of the time and so far mostly dry. We have been ahead in our rain because it rained so much while I was gone. Now we are starting to get behind. I don't mind the rain here. It seldom gets violent or too extreme. I get the morning sun and my blinds in my living room stay open all of the time. Being on the second floor I can do that. I am a sun and fresh air worshiper. I missed them both while in Louisiana. My kids just don't believe in open windows.

My grandsons house is finished. Myrtha, my daughter, sent me some pictures last night. It is beautiful. They can't move in for another month because they are in what is considered a rural area and got a special loan. It saves them a lot of money and no down payment so he can use the money he saved for what is needed when they move in. We all know that expenses come up when you move especially if you are going out on your own for the first time.

Well I got energetic and made chicken pie and potato soup and I hear it calling my name. Got a big mess to clean but it can wait a while. Later I have to go pick up a King Cake for tomorrow morning. I wanted at least that much of a Mardi Gras thing sense we decided not to have a party this year. Patch on my back and so far it is not too bad. Hope it stays that way.

Have a great day everyone and stay safe dry and warm.

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