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Question about hiccups


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Please help with advice and answers:

I have a question. My sister has recently developed some violent hiccups several times an hour.

Other than antipsychotic drugs, do you know of any other treatments?

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There are dozens of medications that have been shown to help alleviate hiccups in cancer patients. Though research is being done to establish which medications work best, there is still much to learn. The FDA has approved only one drug to date to palliate hiccups; a drug called chlorpromazine, which was developed over 50 years ago. Some of the drugs that have been used to help cancer patients with hiccups are:

Baclofen (One of the more prescribed drugs for this issue)






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Thanks for your reply Michelle!

Thank you, He actually ended up giving her Baclofen and they've gone away for now. So, you can add that to your list if someone else ends up asking later.
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