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Caregiving Questions (?)


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Imagine you are in a room with other caregivers. Each with a difference experience but having walked a similar path.

They are family caregivers/family members and they have been in your shoes.

What would you ask them? What would you want to know?

How do you communicate with your loved one the need to get a second opinion?

How do you communicate with your loved one about being honest about side effects?

How do you suggest lifestyle or nutritional changes to your loved one?

How do you cheer up your loved one when they are depressed (but YOU are too?)

How do you offer hope when you feel hopeless?

Where do you go to get support when you are the one responsible for everything?

How do you bring up insurance, estate or end of life issues with your loved one?

How do you ask for help for you and your loved one from other relatives and friends?

Have questions? Got advice?

Post below.

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