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Janet B

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I hear my husband has ordered two lobsters for dinner tonight, yum!

We got more snow last night! Only a few inches, so not much harm, just enough to cover up the dirty stuff on the sides of the road and make the world beautiful again. I am headed out in it in a few minutes, I have to buy some pants. I have a memorial service to go to on Saturday and I have lost so much weight from the chemo, I have no clothes that fit me, especially not nice clothes. The weird thing is that dieting is so stuck in my mind, from years of being overweight that I still feel really guilty when ever I eat something like ice cream or chips, hard to get my head around the fact that I should be gaining weight instead of losing it!

I had my infusion on Tuesday, my oncologist and I spent sometime discussing our next plan of action, I will see him again next week after my CT scan and we will come to a decision. Whatever we decide I refuse to let the treatment make me too sick to go to Hope Summit!

I hope you are all having a good week, it has been very quiet here, maybe that means everyone is busy doing happy things?



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Hi Janet!! Happy Valentines day to you too!!

We got a bit of snow here too, but the stuff from last week was already washed away by flooding rains we got the other day. Sorry I wasn't on for a while... not even a good excuse. Checking out some other sites (none good as this!!!) and Facebook.

Hope Summit ~ I am thinking about it. Hubby would take the ride with me but do sightseeing and leave me to my own for the most part. Have you gone before? Is there much "quiet time" when I could go for walks & try some birding / photography or is it "scheduled up the wazoo"?

Went to an ortho today ~ knees have made noise for a while but started getting swollen, red & warm. Effusion and some pretty significant wear & tear for someone my size & age. Took out 25 ccs of junk fluid and put in 5cc cortisone. Here are some exercise you can start in a few days. BuhBye. With all this stupid cancer caca, I can't remember a wham-bam-thank you ma'am appt with no follow appts set or anything but g'bye. So strange, but good. (insert twilight zone music LOL)

I feel ya on the clothes, but I gained after being told to eat my tush off during treatment and then slowing down so much after surgeries. I am up 25lbs over my normal 125 - ALL in my belly - well 20 anyway. I look 6-8 month pg. Until neck & knees are up for some work I just refuse to buy more than the 1 khaki and 1 jeans I bought :shock: As for you, I would by ensure (? light blue bottle?) dark chocolate and stick it in the freezer 30 minutes ahead to get it SUPER cold, then take a sip and refill it with Hershey's Special Dark Syrup and shake it to death (after putting the cap back on LOL) It tasted good enough to chug in less than 10 minutes. Don;t let it get warm :?

Hubby got me chocolate covered cherries and Godiva dark choc Truffles, a purple rose that I thought was sparkle plastic but is really a grape lollipop (did y'all know I am a purple-a-holic?) and a 8" stuffed leopard holding a heart that says True Love. He had my truck yesterday for errands (like buying the above mentioned LOL) repairs etc, so I was stranded. He wouldn't let me drive after the shots to both knees, so I get to buy him dinner out tonight for his gift,,, Uh, it's all one purse here, so we are both paying for it LOL. He is SUCH a cutie :D

So, I have babbled enough. I hope all of y'all & your loved ones have a great day today, with a special other or a very special self. Happy VD, Happy Pre-Friday, Happy eve of the Great Backyard Bird Count weekend, Happy eve of Presidents Day weekend.... anything else?



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