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Anyone have news to share? I have a little...


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So as the cloudy day tries to takeover my day ,I can't help but loudly sing, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happyyyyy when skies are grey...". (If you have that song in your head now, you're welcome. :) ) I'm sure I've bugged my 3 year old with it enough now, haha. So here is my news. It's not really my news per say but of a friend of mine. She shared with me that her Grandfather has been fighting lymphoma cancer for years, he was dx with stage 4 yesterday, and his doctor basically told him to give up. So I told her to help him keep fighting & that there are a lot of resources for financial help out there. There are money issues preventing him from getting more care. What do you think friends? :?:

P.S.(What did the water say to the boat? Nothing. It just waved. :D )

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I hate that words give up...as if fighting "hard enough" will kill the cancer (many brave and strong souls who never gave up have been taken by cancer) or if you do die from disease it was because you were weak somehow.

While there may not be standard treatments available to him there are always alternatives that may help his quality of life. I hope he finds some comfort and peace and gets to enjoy whatever time we all have left on this earth.

I'm sorry for your friend's grandfather. I hope he many many many good days ahead of him.

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