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Hi, my name is Bob I'm a 68 year old male with stage IV lung cancer. Four years ago I had a section of my right lung removed and went through my first round of chemo. The cancer has returned and because there are nodes in both lungs it's inoperable and I am presently under going chemo. I am fortunate because to date I have had no real side effects from treatment. I am retired and have become a house husband :D So far the cancer has not effected my life other than the worry and fear of the unknown. I am sure we all have had the same fear, we don't ask questions because we are afraid of what the answers might be.

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Hi Bob,

I just want to welcome you to LCSC,its a great place to be,lots of caring, sharing buddies to communicate with with.This October I will celebrate my fifth year of surviviorship,despite my appointed lung nurse and Doctor giving me only two years maximum.I am really sorry to hear of your dx,we do have many stage four survivors here,doing really well,so dont throw in the towel.I just love getting to know new arrivals,tell me about yourself,where do you live?,are you married?,do you have a family?,gosh so many things I would like to know.I live in Airdrie,Scotland,about 15 miles east of Glasgow,I am also retired,I used to be a College Lecturer,married to Sally,I have a daughter Jennifer,she also taught at the college I retired from,(dont mention the word nepotism)she is currently doing a post-grad course in Secondary Education,hoping to teach English and Drama in the Secondary School sector.

I like contributing to the Just for Fun Forum here,its all about a group of friends sharing their experiences of everyday life,they have become my extended family.I am also a keen amateur photographer,so if you visit the forum Family Album,you will find lots of pics of mine showing off my beautiful Scotland and also my travels around the USA.

Looking forward to sharing some posts with you.Oh by the way,Scotland is 5 hours forward of EST in the USA,so its a couple of minutes to midnight here,time for my bed,so goodnight,bye for now.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and happy to see your so upbeat ! I live in Nashua, NH where we are having one of the worst winters in several years. I am married with three children and five grand children. My faith is strong and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank and praise the Lord for the strength he has blessed me with. No need to worry about me throwing in the towel, like yourself they will have to take me screaming and kicking from this life. I love fishing and only wish my mobility was better so that I could get out more than I do. Mobility has nothing to do with lung cancer, several years ago I had what's called a laminectomy to reduce pressure on the spinal cord. I get around well with a cane but my balance is terrible. There is so much happening with the treatment of cancer these days, one never knows when a cure will be discovered. I am presently searching for clinical trials in our area for treatment. I am going to check out the just for fun forum now. Eric again thanks for the warm welcome !

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Welcome Bob! I am also glad to meet you and sorry to see you here. I just found this site 2 months ago, so I am still wandering the halls. I think I mostly come back to see people celebrate 5,6,7,8 years of survivorship. Happy to say I see a new anniversary most every time I pop in.

May I ask, what stage were you 4 years ago? If I am to nosy, just say so or ignore me. I get too chatty sometimes. Nashua sounds familiar. Has anything famous happened there recently, or did I just pass a sign for it whilst heading elsewhere in NH?

Wishing you luck in finding a trial that fits you.


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I missed your post somehow the first time, but although a bit late I do want to welcome you also to this club none of us wanted to belong to. It sounds like you have the most important medicine of all, a great attitude! A love of fishing never hurt either :)

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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