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Scan and Plan

Janet B

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I had my scans yesterday and again everything has grown. Tiny amounts of growth, but growth for the third scan in a row. (Spots on my lungs, lymph nodes, spine, ribs, and spleen ) My spots are all small, all but one are considered unmeasurable - but they are there and more keep showing up, so it is time for a new plan.

My doctor discussed several options with me

1. Stay on Tarceva and Avastin and continue as is, keeping a close watch on things

2. Start chemotherapy again, this time either Gemcitabine, Vinorelbine or Abraxane

3. Go on a clinical trial. Unfortunately the trials he thinks are best for me here at Yale (immunotherapy) are not open at this time, There would be at least a 6-8 week wait, during which I would continue on Tarceva and Avastin

4. Go to Boston to speak with a doctor there who is working on trials that sound promising for me. I looked her up on-line and Lo and Behold she is on the LUNGevity Scientific AdvisoryBoard!

So, my plan is to take a trip to Boston (if she agrees to see me!) and see what she has to offer, go back to my Oncologist and rediscuss the options and move on from there. Having choices is a good thing, thank God for research dollars!

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I am sorry the scan news was not better, Janet, but the idea of a doctor on the Lungevity Scientific Advisory Board sounds like an excellent plan! I am thinking of you and hope that whatever you decide to do you will find an excellent trial/treatment. Let us know what you decide to do.

Thinking of you!


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Hi Janet,

Crivvens Jings,I am so sorry to hear of a disapointing result from your scans.I concur with Janes post about meeting the Doctor from LUNGevity,always good to consider an alternative viewpoint about further treatments.This meeting may help you to make decisions about where best to go from here,I do wish you well and hope that whatever you decide leads to a successful path to recovery.

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