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Thursday's air


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Come on people let's get this moving again! Think of Judy and Sara and Annette and Nick and so many more that used to come no matter how bad they felt or how busy they were. We owe it to them to keep this going. To give back to others what they so graciously gave of themselves.

Busy day today with sunshine pouring in my windows I am ready to tackle it all. First some exercises and stretches to get this only body going then put my spagetti on and then take out the iron to ready some pieces for the quilt I am working on. Bible Study this afternoon then home to see what else I can get done.

Still no word on my neighbor Robert. Having no family I am afraid it will be hard to find out unless he gets better and comes home.

Tomorrow it is fitness, I hope we do the beachball volley ball again. I have to go by the doctors office again to get my stitch out from where they did the biopsy on my leg. It wasn't ready yesterday and started to bleed. Then I am going to the dollar show with a friend to see Parental Guidance I have heard that it is great.

Saturday is Pokeno and then wii bowling. Sunday I am thinking about going to church with some neighbors. I am actually the one who told them about it. When I lived in French Gulch our congregation was so small that we were invited to that church once a year to share in a night of fellowship. They called it a senior soup. They provided different kinds of soup and bread and we all had a great time. They also had very few members. My neighbors were looking for a small church so I told them about it and they really like it.

Monday we distribute commondities then have our town council meeting to plan next months activities. After that I am meeting someone from high school for lunch. We connected on our high school site on facebook and found that we only live a few miles apart. She lives in Anderson about 13 miles south of me. Then after lunch it is to the plastic surgeon for him to see the thing on my leg and decide what will need to be done. Just hoping he can do a local and I don't have to lay on my back again for 2 hours. Still not over that.

Wow I guess I am making up for no one else being here. Hope I am not scaring anyone off. Please stop in and say hello. We are all family here.

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Good afternoon friends!!

It is 34 out today, but the wind off the Long Island Sound is making it feel much colder. I am bundled up under a quilt and trying to stay cozy!

I have had a very nice day so far. It is my birthday and I have gotten two flower deliveries which were both nice surprises, two of my kids have called so far and my favorite 5 year old (the son of a good friend who I consider my honorary grandchild) skyped me for over an hour. I learned ALOT about birds and dinosaurs, his two favorite things, in that conversation!

Tonight my husband is taking me out to dinner, so I am not eating all day. My appetite is horrible and I want to be hungry enough to enjoy the meal!

I guess the rest of the day I will spend finishing my book, maybe crocheting a bit, all huddled under this quilt!

Have a wonderful day everyone - stop on in "the air" and let us know how your day is going!


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I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Janet!!!! :D . Lilly you mention church and now that I and my wife dont work we usually attend daily mass about 3 or 4 times aweek. I remember back in my 20s and 30s I never attended church. I found it boring and wasnt worth my time. Funny how age and illness bring change over us. Now I actully enjoy going and sometimes it is the only thing in life that makes any sense. Snowed about 10 inches here and still snowing so my day has been scooping snow. When you only have 1 lung you take 2 scoops and rest 2 minutes and then take 2 more scoops.

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